Pay-per-hire recruitment

We provide comission recruitment services based on the model where clients pay recruitment fee for the result
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Cost efficiency

Pay the agreed percentage of the candidates’ annual salary (depends on position) is 40-45% cheaper than organizing in-house recruiting

On demand recruiting

An ideal decision to hire 1 or more specialists, from junior to lead developers, non-technical talent or true leaders for the team

Personal recruiter

We provide an experienced remote recruiter who works on your vacancy, using the up-to-date recruitment tools and methods


Free of charge

$0 prepayment to begin the hiring process, it works like a contingency search without up-front fee

Huge database

We have 130K + talents in our ATS: tech specialists, non-tech talents and executives


We provide a 3-month replacement guarantee, live access to work files, and a high-level communication

Talent acquisition

Our key features: the speed of hiring (we close 1 position in 3 weeks) and ability to fill in any IT vacancy


We have a huge expertise, own efficient recruiting methodology, and up-to-date software


We have 80+ positive reviews on B2B listings, our NPS is 10 out of 10, and 61% of our customers contact us again

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Frequently asked questions

Could you explain what pay per hire recruitment is?

It goes about a salary percentage recruiting model, or contingency based recruitment, that grants the recruiting firm an opportunity to get a certain, pre-agreed percentage of the annual salary of the specialist hired with its help. The percentage is determined at the conclusion of a deal with the patron, taking into account the role and level of the new employee hired.

Are there any other payment models used by hiring enterprises?

Yes, there are four basic patterns of remuneration most recruiting companies utilize. But there are endless versions of them as well. And the pay-per-hire recruiting sample actively used by OnHires is even one of many such successful editions. As for the primary repayment models, they are the following:
salary percentage hiring type;
flat, or fixed, fee hiring;
hourly billed recruiting;
retained search.

Designate in more detail the key pay patterns, please.

The retained search, or executive search as it is also often called, is a sort of partnership. This cooperation model between a company and a hiring enterprise is placed on a treaty basis and involves such on demand recruiting services as finding senior or executive employees. These positions are usually extremely confidential and restrained.Therefore, this type assumes quite high pricing. Withal, the agency accompanies its customer beginning with the first stage and finishing with the final stage of the hiring process, i.e., to the point of making the job seeker a job proposal.

The salary percentage hiring type, or contingent recruiting, presumes the hire organization contingent it recruitment services which means not only professionally escorting its client throughout the whole period of looking for and hiring the applicant but also ensuring the organization with guarantees after hiring. Besides, this pricing pattern allows the hiring agency to get a percentage from its hire.If the enterprise chooses the flat fee search option, the service provider, for a particular fast price, composes and posts the job advert and gives the charterer the possibility to apply their applicant database until the right candidate is found.

Finally, suppose the business prefers the hourly billed hiring. Then it pays the service provider according to the number of hours the search department spent seeking out the applicant for the customer.

Which of the base paying types does OnHires make use of?

OnHires mostly uses the pay-per-hire pricing type. We find the model very convenient and profitable. In our view, it perfectly matches our company’s methods of operation.

Which strong pluses does this pay-per-recruit model possess?

We can list several obvious advantages of this model:

Each signed agreement is unique and based on the client’s demands.
The contract prescribes a specific period during which the agency supplies the customer with a guarantee of replacing the recruited employee.
The customer obtains the freedom to choose and change the requirements for each candidate they want to recruit.

When choosing a recruiting firm, is it necessary to proceed from the payment pattern this firm uses?

No, much more important is to learn about the firm’s reputation, to get acquainted with its client’s reviews, to check its rating and employer’s brand, and to have an introductory consultation with its representatives so as not to buy a pig in a poke and not later regret such a decision.

How can I learn more about your agency?

You can visit our LinkedIn page or discover our official website to learn more about us. There you will definitely find plenty of useful information. Plus, you can contact us by filling in the form on our site.

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