June 29, 2023

Pay-per-hire recruiting


Today, there are four main models of payment recruitment agencies use, and an indefinite number of their variations. For a quick reference, the four main recruiting payment models are the salary percentage model, the retained search, the hourly billed recruitment, and the fixed, or flat, fee recruitment.


One extremely successful variation of pricing models is the payment method that OnHires effectively uses in its practice: pay-per-hire recruiting.

Pay-per-hire is the commission model where clients pay fees after successful vacancy closing.


Pay-per-hire recruiting is based on the salary percentage pricing model. This model allows the agency to receive a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. And the amount of the company’s share depends on the candidate’s position and its level.

Pay-per-hire end-to-end recruitment is an ideal decision for any company, especially, to begin our collaboration. It’s great for all types of companies: small, medium and large.

Whether you need to hire a few employees or build a remote R&D office — our recruiting team can help to find from junior to lead developers, non-technical talents or executives and C-levels for the team.


The advantages of such a recruiting payment model can be stated as follows:

  • The contract agreement is signed, considering the client's wishes.
  • The quantity of the positions and the percentage of the candidates’ annual salary agreed.
  • The client is given a replacement guarantee within a predetermined period.
  • This model allows freedom in setting the budget in case the client needs the services of a recruiting agency but has yet to decide what set of skills and experiences they require for a particular position.

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