May 25, 2023

AI in recruiting processes


Among the most common misconceptions about AI, there is one that is seen as applicable mainly to vehicle automation and robotics areas. Nevertheless, this is far from true. Besides the application of artificial intelligence in these industries, it is also widely applied in many other spheres of business activity, such as healthcare, finance, transport, advertising, education, and many others.

Recruiting is another business area that is increasingly embracing the power of AI. And it is the application of AI in recruitment, or artificial intelligence and recruitment, that will be discussed in the article.

AI in recruiting

AI in recruitment

AI based recruitment, or AI powered recruiting, is the utilization of artificial intelligence technologies that help recruiters automate the most labor-intensive and time-consuming recruiting processes. Thus, the use of AI in recruitment allows recruiters and sourcers to focus on analyzing the candidates’ experience and skills and improve the hiring quality.

AI recruiting tools  can serve to perform the following tasks:

  • improving the quality of job descriptions by analyzing sentiment in job descriptions to identify potentially biased and formulaic language;
  • optimization of repetitive tasks of a large volume, such as the automatic selection of candidates based on resume analysis;
  • obtaining data on the personnel reserve within the company;
  • the application of blind selection to eliminate subjective bias.

AI hiring tools

AI hiring tools

Today, there is already a pretty impressive list of AI recruitment tools. Here are some of the best AI recruiting tools effectively applied in the AI hiring process:

AmazingHiring, Hiretual, Entelo platforms

These platforms use AI to help you find and qualify candidates based on skills, experience, and other factors.

Ideal, TalentSorter, Harver

These AI recruitment tools are utilized to screen candidates. They assess candidates based on their skills, personality, and other factors, helping you make more informed decisions.

Zoho Recruit

This cloud-based candidate tracking system supplies companies with complete recruitment solutions. Its AI recruitment software is based on automation and uses chatbots to communicate with candidates in real-time.

TurboHire platform

It is an intelligent recruitment platform based on deep data processing that can create personalized interviews, automated test assignment recommendations, Chabot evaluations, and candidate rankings.

Toptal platform

This platform contains data on professionals specializing in machine learning, end-to-end development, blockchain, design, AI, financial and project management from around the world that companies can hire in up to three weeks.

SeekOut platform

This AI-based platform is personalized to each job seeker and extracts information from various sources, allowing enterprises to reduce applicant selection bias and diversify their pipelines.

Manatal platform

This AI recruiting software is designed to speed up the search and hiring of candidates. It is easy to use and efficient, making it a piece of cake to set up your hiring pipeline with the help of a user-friendly interface. Besides, it makes it easy to monitor the hiring progress in a single view on a single board.


It is an AI-based intelligent talent cloud for searching, validating, and matching candidates from over 1,5 million developers worldwide. With its remote software covering over 100 skills, companies can recruit pre-verified, highly skilled professionals within three-five days.


This advanced decision-making engine offers AI-based hiring services and analytics through its ability to extract, filter, and analyze personal information about potential hires from their resumes.

Talenture platform

This AI-based recruitment platform uses a virtual recruiting expert that lets enterprises regularly monitor job processing and rank applicants based on different preset parameters.

Fetcher platform

This recruiting process automation platform combines AI with recruiter monitoring. It can track data and collect qualified candidates, provide recruiters with detailed information for decision-making, and create custom test item templates and talent pools.

ChatGPT, Textio, IBM Watson platforms

These AI-based platforms are used for summarizing interviews and writing feedback. Plus, they help analyze interview data and provide insights to help you write more effective and inclusive feedback.

Workday Recruiting and Smart Recruiters

These AI-based ATS are widely applied for automating the recruitment process.

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Several AI recruiting drawbacks

AI in recruitment

Despite the undeniable advantages, AI recruiting also has some drawbacks:

  • Lack of human judgment

With the ability to predict patterns and analyze details, AI sometimes lacks human judgment when screening and evaluating candidates.

  • Insufficient accuracy

The percentage of AI estimation accuracy depends on how accurate and complete data was provided. And the lack or inaccuracy of data can lead to an erroneous candidate assessment.

  • Impersonality

AI does not know how to build strong and trusting relationships with the candidate. While chatbots are great at answering frequently asked questions, only a recruiter can create a strong relationship with the candidate and help them open up and demonstrate all their potential.

  • Lack of flexibility

On the one hand, using AI will make the recruitment process fair and impartial. However, on the other hand, incorrectly set selection parameters may just lead to bias.

Some AI recruitment advantages

AI in hiring process

Whatever the disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in recruitment, the benefits easily outweigh them:

  • Reducing human bias

No matter how professional the recruiter is, even the most experienced recruiter may still have some prejudice or personal dislike against a particular candidate that will affect their decision. AI has no such bias.

  • Speeding up the recruiting process

AI recruiting tools can shorten the hiring process several times compared to when it takes the most experienced recruiter to close a position.

  • Improving the quality of recruiting

Even the most diligent and skilled recruiter cannot match AI tools in speed and quality of filtering and selecting candidates.

  • Reducing administration time

AI software does an excellent job of reducing administrative time and performing administrative tasks, increasing the efficiency of automation.

AI recruitment statistics

AI recruitment statistics

AI recruitment statistics confirm once again that trends in the use of AI in recruitment show a steady increase that will continue in the coming years:

  • Roughly 95% of HR experts are convinced that AI can greatly facilitate the application process for job seekers.
  • 79% of recruiters suppose that in the next few decades, people will stop participating in the hiring process.
  • 90% of companies use AI recruiting tools to some extent in their business process as of early 2023.
  • 68% of recruiters believe applying AI in hiring will eliminate any unintentional bias.
  • 90% of enterprises now use AI-based software to automate workflows and reduce administrative time.


AI based recruitment

The future of recruiting is definitely and undeniably in AI technology. Artificial intelligence is already bringing unconditional benefits to companies, and there will only be more in the following years. Already, AI helps reduce the time of hiring and improve its quality, free employees from performing laborious and time-consuming tasks, and generally cut down the number of hired workers, focusing more on their qualifications and skills.