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The numbers of Artificial Intelligence vacancies is constantly growing and new AI jobs are creating, but we can close all of them on your request.

We successfully find AI specialists all over the world to create teams for developing new products, changing technologies and achieving goals.
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weeks on average to close a vacancy
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We hire

Business Intelligence Developers
Big Data Engineers
AI Architects
Cloud Computing Developers
Machine Learning Engineers
Robotics Scientists
Robotics Engineers and Developers
AI Project & Product Managers
Data Scientists
AI Researchers / AI Research Scientists
Deep Learning Developers
Big Data Architects
AI C-levels, Marketers, Sales, etc.
Computer Vision Engineers
Natural Language Processing Specialists (NLP)
AI Ethics Specialists

We deal with talents that working with up-to-date technologies and building the future of AI

Programming languages used in AI
Cloud solutions, Computer vision, NLP
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Frequently asked questions

Please, indicate the areas of business that call for experts in the field of AI.

Today, as the AI recruiting statistics show, AI professionals are widely involved in almost all business industries, from purely technological ones, like cloud computing, to industries like education, healthcare, finance, and even entertainment.

Who do AI recruiting companies usually recruit as AI technologies specialists?

In AI recruitment or data science recruitment, AI hiring firms pay plenty of attention to talent AI finding among such IT workers as machine learning engineers, data scientists, robotics and computer vision engineers, NLP specialists, robotics and deep learning developers, AI architects, research scientists, product managers, business strategists, and many others.

How long does it normally take data analyst recruiters from data analytics recruitment agencies to recruit AI specialists for a client?

This indicator depends on many factors, particularly the number of job seekers the data science recruitment agency needs to hire, the degree of uniqueness of the vacancy, the abilities wanted, etc. As a rule, companies hiring data scientists or companies hiring data analysts take an average one-three weeks. OnHires is not a data science recruiting agency or an AI recruitment agency. Our company specializes in searching for a much wider circle of IT talent, but our recruitment department workers spend on average three weeks to complete a client’s order. 

Does a data science headhunter use specific talent discovering methods?

Usually, in IT recruiting, which includes data scientist recruitment, they utilize similar approaches to discovering candidates. Experienced recruiting enterprises apply their extensive candidate pools and a variety of reliable, proven, and effective hiring platforms and tools to obtain the right job seekers.

When a recruitment firm is looking for particular AI professionals, do the recruiters check whether applicants possess compulsory skills? 

Yes, there are some essential basic skills AI candidates have to have if they are hopeful of getting a job offer. These basic skills contain the following:

machine learning;
deep knowledge of programming languages;
professional knowledge of neural networks;
good experience in data analysis;
experience in cloud computing;
proficiency in mathematics;
proficiency in natural language processing;
computer vision.

How can I find out more details about the services supplied by OnHires as well as the terms of cooperation?

IIf you fill out the form on our website and send it, a company representative will contact you and agree on a convenient time and format for communication so that you can get answers to all your questions firsthand. 

What do I need to do to download your guides and receive newsletters with new materials?

You need to fill out the form on the main page of our site, and you will be able to download our guides and reports and receive our newsletters with updates. Besides, you always have the opportunity to read numerous articles on the company’s blog. You will definitely find a lot of helpful information and facts there.

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