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Niche expertise

In-depth knowledge of the area saving your time: we know all trends, industry insights, salary ranges, skill requirements, technologies, cloud certifications. Usually, our collaboration turns into fruitful long-term partnership with high values.

Hiring process

We provide efficient sourcing, screening  and selection to find candidates who are the best fit for your company. Moreover, we can support the onboarding process and provide you guidance in developing the employer brand.

Talent pool

Access to a database of experienced cloud computing specialists who align with your specific needs. Also, we have an extensive network and organize passive candidates search to engage and attract the best employees.

We hire

Cloud Application Developer
Cloud AI Engineer
Solution Architect
IT Direcrtor
Product & Project Managers
Cloud Architect
Cloud Security Analyst
Cloud Software Engineer
Cloud Administrator
Cloud Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Cloud Security Engineer
Cloud Consultant
Cloud Security Manager
Cloud Data Scientist
Computer Systems Analyst
Cloud Network Engineer
.NET Developer
Cloud Computing Sales Specialists
Cloud Automation Engineer


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Frequently asked questions

Do any specific features exist in cloud recruiting?

By and large, hiring cloud computing experts is quite similar to finding other IT talent. Nevertheless, there are a few important aspects to pay attention to:
Online assessment
It will be useful to lead the job seeker through an internet test to see their natural knacks and knowledge.
Alive monitoring
Observing the candidate doing the test over image or video proctoring will also be good.
It is helpful to ask the potential worker specific questions like the data kept in clouds or the service modules used in the sphere.

Which ways of payment do you accept?

Our organization guarantees its clients rather flexible and diverse payment options. For instance, you could transfer the required amount to the company’s account in one disbursement after fulfilling the terms and closing your roles. This variant is available if you choose the pay-per-hire paying model or prefer to pay for hourly service. It is also possible to make an advance payment and plank the remaining amount at the end of the project. By choosing to cooperate with us in the form of a recruitment subscription, you are able to pay monthly in exchange for hiring as many talented workers as you need at the current moment. You can find the most appropriate way to pay by the hour, and then it will be more convenient to render the full sum after your positions are filled.

Finally, many of our clients find the fact that we accept remuneration in the shape of cryptocurrencies really tempting. Possibly, you will give your preference to this method, too. We appreciate each of our clients and try to propose the most comfortable conditions for collaboration and reward.

Could you name the cloud professionals you can recruit?

It goes about a wide range of professions. The list comprises jobs like cloud engineer, cloud architect, cloud automation or software engineer, cloud application developer, cloud administrator, or cloud security manager. Our experienced and well-qualified recruiters will discover for you any talent from a role of rank and file to a representative of the highest echelon of management.

What shall I do to get acquainted better with cloud computing recruitment?

Fill in the form on our site, and our representative will contact you and answer all your questions.

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