July 1, 2023

GoodFirms Interview Series: From a Small Recruitment Agency to the Own Giant Recruitment Business


From a Small Recruitment Agency to their Own Giant Recruitment Business, OnHires Achieved it all Perfectly: GoodFirms

OnHires rose to the top of the staffing industry by assisting a friend in hiring new employees to launch a massive recruitment venture. Read the excerpts of the interview of Vasco Grieg — the CEO of OnHires with GoodFirms.

OnHires is a global recruitment and staffing company established in 2017. It lets a business or entrepreneur hire the most talented tech specialists in just 3 weeks. Based in Harju County in Northern Estonia, OnHires attracts the best employees from different stacks for all types of IT products. The mission of the company is to provide their client businesses with the top talents in the industry.

In an interview with GoodFirms, OnHires CEO — Vasco Grieg, discussed how the company was established and what his responsibility as a CEO is.

As a global recruitment agency, OnHires specializes in quickly finding specialists for the fastest growing IT companies. The firm can fill any vacancy for any type of talent, and their client companies include CyberSecurity, Web3, AI, FinTech, and others.

Mr. Grieg initiates the interview by narrating the story behind the commencement of OnHires. Grieg confidently shares that a company’s development and success solely depends upon the employment of highly qualified specialists. He said he worked at Google and with many other tech-giants for years and knows well how a lack of staff can hamper the ability of a company.

According to him, when you have planned to reach some business indicators or are soon to launch a new product, the unavailability of enough staff can definitely hinder your business operations. Instead, it may reduce profits or can cause business closures for those who don’t understand the importance of staffing ample numbers of candidates for the respective jobs in the company. However, he also stressed the importance of having a certain level of professional experience to find talented professionals when you want to beat the real competition.

Grieg shared that he studied these issues in depth when he started finding such difficulties while working in many organizations. Ultimately, he decided to deal with the recruitment professionals. In fact, he found it interesting, challenging, and rewarding to hire specialists in different spheres.

As a human being that sets complex tasks and aims to resolve them fully, Grieg leaves no stone unturned. He added that after understanding the importance of ‘a perfect hiring process’, he started helping his friends in hiring new employees. When everything turned out well, he started his own recruitment business, and today, he is heading a successful recruitment agency with excellent performance.

As Grieg shared, OnHires works on the in-house team model. But they are also open to outsourcing to acquire fast and qualified assistance when it comes to consulting a specialist or starting a new process.

When asked about how they can differentiate themselves from others, he stresses over the speed of hiring and successful filling of the most challenging and rare IT-related vacancies for its clients. He elaborated that sending CVs of the first candidates to the clients within 3 to 5 days and completely filling up the vacancies within 2 to 3 weeks is the most positive aspect of the process.

Moreover, he claims the company hires perfectly matched candidates for all types of requirements ranging from a junior developer, a lead developer to non-technical talent or a C-level specialist. “We have 130,000+ candidates in our database. Nothing is impossible for us in the field of hiring,” he adds.

In fact, the customer satisfaction rate of the company is higher than its counterparts. 98% of the candidates finalized by the company for their client businesses have successfully passed the probation period and are continuously working in their relevant organizations. Generally, the company specializes in IT and holds expertise in IoT, AI, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, FinTech, Web3, CyberSecurity, Startups and Innovations. Besides, the company often works with software companies, web design studios, marketing and advertising agencies.

Grieg shared that OnHires performs their work qualitatively with satisfying requirements of all the clients. Hence, the company is contacted again and again by more than 60% of their customers.

When asked about the most requested service of the company, Greig replied that their clients mostly call them up for a pay-per-hire recruiting process. The service fulfills all hiring needs of the clients including leading a team of recruiters, closing important positions, or running the full-scale recruitment department in the company. As per the company rule, the client starts this service at the initial level, and then they switch to the subscription-based recruitment tariff due to the fruitful experience of their cooperation.

Regarding the customer satisfaction rate of the company, Grieg shared that OnHires obtained 5 out of 5 in all B2B listings. On evaluation, it was found that 9 out of 10 clients are fully satisfied with the HR and recruitment services provided by the company. It is also ranked as a top staff augmentation service providing company in the GoodFirms’ ranking list.

OnHires runs an appreciating support system where the company professionals are always available day and night and provide an opportunity to track the works of the recruiters in live mode. The company provides live access to the CRM during the process of recruitment and the clients are provided with one or more personal, professional recruiters. Every project covers at least three employees of the agency including the head of recruitment, a recruiter, and a sourcer.

According to OnHires CEO, the company mainly uses a pay-per-hire payment model that covers the commission model where the recruitment fee from the client is paid in the annual salary of the candidate. The company charges an average of $5,000 for closing three or four vacancies and the average price range of the company projects in 2021 was $10,000 to $100,000.

Grieg concludes the interview with positive hopes about the future of the company. He gladly shares that we see ourselves among the top 5 recruiting agencies in the World. We expect to work with large clients’ projects from the Enterprise (>$1B) with checks beginning at $50,000. We will hire the best developers and engineers for cool startups. We will not only further develop our brand, which already speaks for itself, but we will also actively develop our blog about recruiting and HR and work on the educational program to prepare a new generation of recruiters.

We will be even more professional, advanced, reliable, and sophisticated.

This covers excerpts of the interview of Vasco Grieg taken by GoodFirms. The detailed interview can be read at the company profile page of OnHires on GoodFirms official website.

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