Hourly recruiting

On demand recruitment services based on hourly recruiting model with competitive rates
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Cost reduction

The most cost-effective solution to fill in 1-2 positions, saving up money and time paying only for hours worked on your project

On demand recruiting

Global hiring on demand: from technical talents, non-technical specialists to executives for company

CV sourcing

We also provide candidate sourcing services (CV search or resume sourcing) on request


Hourly rate

Hourly-based recruitment model provides hiring rates from $25 per hour, without hidden fees

Hiring speed

Immediate start after signing the contract and close vacancy in average in 2 weeks


Cooperation at the highest level, access to workflow, regular reports, control of the recruiting process


Strong positive reputation, trust from TOP clients, more than 80 reviews, a lack of legal risks


Strong sourcing and recruiting skills of our team, deep expertise in different industries, efficient tools

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Frequently asked questions

I would like you to observe hourly recruiting. What are its specifics, and is it profitable to utilize?

This is a sort of hourly recruitment outsourcing. It refers to hourly based recruitment when the client pays for the total sum of hours spent by the recruiter on finding new employees. It could be a freelancer, an expert granted by a professional firm, or a recruit crew procured by the hourly contract recruiting agency for a particular project. However, the final grist that the customer of the service will have to pay at the end of the project is not indicated in the pact. It indicates only the fixed amount of disbursement for the work of a recruiter per hour.

Interpret in more detail what an hourly contract recruiting agreement implies

We are talking about a specific approach when the client and the contractor enter into a particular hourly billed recruitment contract. On the basis of this convention, the search agency ensures the enterprise with a package of hourly recruiting services specified in the treaty.

Such services may include these:
the full process of recruiting a candidate based on horary workload;
selecting and submitting CVs of suitable candidates;
conducting interviews with the selected applicants;
producing job descriptions;
writing interview questions, etc.It is clear that the list of this type of search model can be long enough.

I am highly interested to know what exactly is meant by the hourly recruitment process.

As mentioned above, the hourly rate recruitment process involves the following steps:

1. conclusion of an agreement between the charterer and the company providing the necessary accommodations;
2. determining the amount of hourly pay for the work of a recruiter or a hiring team;
3. fulfillment by the recruiter or the recruiting group of the agreed volume of work;
4. calculation of the total of repayment upon completion of the set of search services;
5. making payment by the client.

Who benefits from the hourly recruiting model?

Hourly hiring can be beneficial to quite a wide range of clients. For instance, those who need to recruit 1-2 specialists in the shortest possible time. Besides, various organizations often turn to specialized agencies for a partial recruiting service, that is, the selection of several resumes of job seekers suitable for their requirements, usually, according to the statistics, up to 10, in order to further choose the most appropriate applicant on their own. In general, if you want a minimal volume of recruiting operations, this model can appear to be really convenient.

Is it possible to highlight the mid number of hours it takes to hire one employee?

If necessary, such an average could be estimated by taking into account the middle percentage of time it takes to fill one vacancy. As a rule, it takes from a few days to a few weeks, turning on the complexity of the position.

Please, state the medium hourly rate.

The common value per hour for a searcher is around $45, which varies relying on the rarity and level of the vacancy to be filled. In some cases, the expense of the horal rate increases based on the number and quality of the warranties given by the hiring company. Literally, the bigger and more serious the guarantees are, the higher the cost rate is.

OnHires offers hiring rate from $25.

Search for which positions is the most expensive?

The most expensive is the cost of finding candidates for the C level, which is not surprising at all. Such roles, in fact, also require the longest time to be closed.

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