July 1, 2023

Outsource your IT recruitment: 7 reasons to hire by recruitment agencies


Where did employers mainly look for specialists to fill vacancies? Well, yes, at labor exchanges. There, even today, they look for… supermarket salespeople, cleaners, or builders. Maybe, some vacancies for accountants or teachers will appear… But can you imagine that there will be vacancies for high-class IT specialists with a rare set of required skills? Maybe, there will. However, such specialists themselves are unlikely to come there in search of work. But perhaps they will come and be sent to your company, and you will hire them.

And time is running. And projects stop or fail or are postponed. And where, besides the stock exchange, can you look for the right specialists? On the internet, of course. Or take another look at your own database. All these require a lot of time and human resources. And modern businesses today cannot afford such a luxury. Who does not know the saying “Time is money”?

So, the conclusion is obvious: if you want hiring the specialists you need to be quick and successful, contact specialists. This is the same situation when you ought to contact a professional recruitment agency. That is, remote recruiting is your way out.

And so that you have no doubts about the benefits and effectiveness of outsourcing recruitment, I will try to give you weighty arguments in favor of Z

The reasons to hire by recruitment agencies

I have already mentioned that the main reasons why you should turn to professional recruitment when you need to hire new employees are saving time and human resources. But this list is far from complete.

Let me list in more detail the reasons for hiring employees using recruitment services, especially when it goes to IT recruitment:

Cost reduction

In the volatile economy, cutting costs is fast becoming a top priority. In addition to labor costs, recruitment-related prices include job board advertising, background checks, candidate tracking systems, and recruitment technologies. When companies address outsourcing recruiting, all these costs are combined and turned into the cost of one complex service.

It is cheaper than running an effective recruitment campaign on your own.

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Increasing recruitment efficiency

In the highly competitive global labor market, with the persistent shortage of candidates’ skills and the limited number of hiring opportunities, many organizations find it challenging to find qualified candidates or improve recruitment efficiency through internal recruitment.

When they turn to outsourcing recruiting, they benefit from the recruitment agencies’ ability to reach more candidates, gain access to passive candidates these companies might not otherwise be able to attract, and as a result, get precisely the talent they need.

High staff turnover

High employee turnover costs money in the form of lost or interrupted productivity, reduced customer service levels, and employee engagement. Companies can solve this problem by outsourcing recruitment and getting more qualified candidates.

Focusing on the core business

Whether the company has its own recruiter or some sort of recruiting function, most of them do not work in the recruiting industry. Therefore, any recruitment activities will go beyond the core business functions and take resources away from the core business operations. Moreover, the HR staff may quickly become overwhelmed and unable to focus on their core HR responsibilities.

When the hiring process is outsourced, it does not distract anyone in the company from the main activity.

Fast growth

Companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonable spikes that make it challenging to meet recruiting needs can address these issues by outsourcing recruiting and thus being able to control better the fluctuations in the HR activity across the business.

Competitive advantage

This is especially important for smaller companies and startups that do not have the same resources as their larger competitors. And if they outsource recruiting, the recruiting agency will find the best candidates for them faster and more efficiently so that they can build their key staff in the shortest possible time and keep up with larger companies.

Recruiting coordination

Companies with disparate hiring and onboarding processes, which are the majority since companies simply do not have enough internal resources to coordinate these processes, can solve this problem by contacting an outsourcing agency. Such recruitment companies will not only find and hire the right specialists, but they will also accompany them during the onboarding period, relieving the company's core staff from the additional workload.

The final words

Thus, the benefits of outsourcing are visible to the naked eye. It remains only to take this into account and use it in your further business practice so that it is even more effective and advanced.