July 2, 2023

Job advertisement and job search platforms


Nowadays, it is not enough to place a job posting and wait for a queue of candidates. This queue may not happen. It is vital to make sure that the right candidate sees your ad.


Submitting job ads for job openings or advertising jobs has become a marketing task today. Recruiters and marketers have begun using all sorts of advertising tools to ensure that the candidate they are looking for pays attention to their job advertisement, distinguishes it from the enormous number of other vacancies, and responds to it.

What is a job advertisement?

In a few words, this is an announcement of a vacancy for an open position. This announcement aims to inform potential applicants that a job vacancy has become available and encourage them to apply for it.


A well-written job advertisement will target precisely the ideal candidate your company needs, attract them, and, at the same time, leave indifferent to those candidates who are not suitable for you.

What should a job advertisement include?

A good job ad should necessarily include the following points:

  • job title and location;
  • job requirements;
  • work responsibilities and work model;
  • salary range;
  • company name and a short description;
  • benefits and bonuses;
  • application details.

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Where to advertise

Today, it is still possible to use a recommendation or word of mouth to find a job. But there is no doubt that companies spend money and human resources on advertising jobs on the internet. This is where job seekers actively seek the position of their dreams.


There are several popular and effective ways to promote vacancy postings, e.g., by placing your job advertisement on job portals on social networks:




Indeed is one of the most popular job portals in the USA. Over 250 million people visit it monthly with free access to searching for jobs, posting resumes, and studying companies. This network, which is very easy to use, provides paid and free job postings, so everyone will be able to find something for them.




Careerbuilder’s database holds more than 100 million candidate profiles. On this platform, you can pay per job or choose one of three pricing plans based on volume, paying for them monthly and annually.




On this job portal, employers can post job ads, showcase their company profiles and reply to reviews.




This job platform helps companies source, screen, and hire employees worldwide. Employers can post their jobs for free, but they must sign up to get instant access to the targeted candidate audience from the database of 1 million candidates and 650 million profiles across the web. This service distributes the jobs to over 20 other job boards.




This job resource provides job vacancies at startups and tech companies. It is easy to apply by sending your email with a click. Then job seekers can see the salary offered by employers and stock options upfront while looking. Besides, they can contact founders at top startups directly, without any third-party recruiters.


The AngelList database holds 8 million responsive and startup-ready candidates, with all the information employers may need. The job ads are allowed to be posted for free. Plus, the applicant tracking system is also available for free. The procedure takes about 10 minutes.




This job platform supplies targeted access to highly skilled and well-experienced candidates’ profiles for recruiters seeking professional candidates throughout Europe. This job board specializes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), including energy and pharma, European Affairs (Brussels, EU), and International Relations, including policy, economics, and law.



Djinni is a fast and cost-effective job platform for hiring tech specialists in Ukraine. Its database provides direct access to 50 000 candidates’ profiles. The access to the database is free, but, in the case of hiring, it is necessary to pay.


Google for Jobs


Google combines job postings from across the web, gathering them from other resources. The job seekers easily find the job they need directly in Search. The database is regularly renewed and very easy to use.




This job service provides job seekers and companies profiles to look through and study. Also, many tips and valuable resources exist to find a good job. The popular job categories are Business Services, Retail, Healthcare, Restaurant, Customer Service, Gig Economy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Logistics.



ZipRecruiter provides an extensive database of job seekers in the US, one of the leading online employment marketplaces, and a NYSE-listed company (ZIP). Powered by AI-driven smart matching technology, they connect businesses of all sizes and millions of job applicants to hire specialists or find jobs quickly and efficiently.



Jooble is a vertical job search engine that assembles and displays job postings from job boards, corporate, recruiter pages, and newspapers. Over 90 million visitors go to Jooble monthly. Jooble operates in 71 countries and 24 languages.



According to social media, LinkedIn is used by 830 million people and 58 companies simultaneously. And the total number of users has recently exceeded two million. Five jobs are posted there every second, and six people are hired via LinkedIn every minute.


LinkedIn is an extensive social network focused on job search, networking, and career growth. There is nothing easier than finding a job on LinkedIn, as there are loads of vacancies on LinkedIn capable of meeting the most stringent job requirements and expectations.


Larger companies can take advantage of the particular LinkedIn Recruiter subscription, which will open unlimited opportunities for companies’ recruiters to search and select candidates. Smaller companies or independent recruiters can use the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite subscription.


The interface of this social network is so clear and accessible that it is enough to follow clear and detailed instructions to post a job ad successfully. And numerous filters allow the user to easily and quickly search for suitable candidates and contact them. Candidates themselves can just as easily find the vacancy they want and apply for it.


You can set up targeted ads on Facebook. Only the audience of applicants with specific characteristics will see such ads. In this case, you may be quite insured against wasting time on candidates that might not be suitable for your company.




WhatsApp ads require minimal effort and bring great returns. You can also use WhatsApp to spread the word about the vacancy and even attract customers. Its users can utilize WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp API for their job ads. The WhatsApp Business App’s users can apply WhatsApp Broadcast to send promotional messages to interested contacts.


The possibilities and resources of the internet to advertise and search for job vacancies or candidates are endless today. There are numerous job portals and social networks. And this article mentions only some of them.


The main thing in the successful search for the right employee is correctly composing the job advertisement and posting it in the appropriate place.