July 1, 2023

Recruitment agencies: why they are important and how they work


Today, there are many opportunities and channels for finding personnel. But if your company does not do this professionally, it will take a lot of time and effort to find and hire the employee you need. The best way, especially if you need to fill the vacancy with high quality and in the shortest time, is to turn to professionals, that is, to a recruiting agency.


We will define what recruiting agencies are and the benefits of addressing them.

What is a recruitment agency?

This is an intermediary in the labor market, an organization that provides services to employers in searching and selecting candidates. It also helps job seekers find employment and supplies any other related services.


Some recruitment agencies are only engaged in hiring employees for employers. Others look for jobs for job seekers. Some agencies find and recruit candidates for employers and search for jobs for job seekers.


Our recruitment agency OnHires focuses on IT recruitment but also accepts candidates’ resumes they send us when seeing our job posting. Plus, if the candidate we offered, for some reason, was not selected by the contractor, we save their CV in our database and offer them later another open vacancy.


The activity of a recruiting agency consists of 3 main components: search, evaluation, and selection of candidates for specific vacancies employers have. Particular attention is paid to the compliance of the candidate’s professional and personal competencies with the client’s requirements.


The hiring agency finds out the candidate’s professional level, psychological characteristics, motivation, flexibility, and ability to adapt to the team. The agency also takes the task of verifying references. And all these functions are usually done in the shortest time.


Of particular difficulty is finding specialists with rare skills. In global recruiting, recruiters usually specialize in specific fields for this. For instance, OnHires is specialized in IT recruiting and can find any, even the rarest, a specialist in the area.

Benefits of turning to a recruiting agency

Finding and hiring qualified employees is one of the main points for any company, which can increase the company’s productivity and income or reduce it. And a professional, experienced recruiter can do it just the right way.


That is why, at the current level of business development, the trends in global recruitment are such that many companies in this matter turn to the professional assistance of recruiting agencies.


The pros of the recruitment agency:

  1. High professionalism of recruiters. Their earnings and the size of bonuses depend on the successful closing of vacancies. Every day, throughout the working day, they are engaged in search of candidates for their clients. Thus, recruiting agencies have recruiters or IT recruiters in their staff who are highly motivated, operational, and interested in filling positions as soon as possible.
  2. Large database. Such a base has been formed over the years. Thanks to it, the search is conducted among the job seekers currently interested in the new job and the employed specialists who are not presently viewing job advertisements but may be of interest to the contractor.
  3. Vast well-established arsenal of practical hiring tools and recruitment channels. Professional recruiting companies purposely invest in adopting the latest technology for recruiting goals and finding new recruitment channels. The range of their recruiting tools and resources is constantly growing and updating for even more efficient work.
  4. High speed of order fulfillment. As a rule, the customer receives resumes of the first candidates in the first three days after signing the contract. In case of more complex vacancies – no longer than a week.
  5. Significant reduction in costs for the process of searching and hiring specialists. In a nutshell, the expense graph for the own recruiting team looks like this:
  • salaries for full-time recruiters;
  • taxes on these employees;
  • workplace equipment for each recruiter;
  • payment for phone and online conversations;
  • payment for ads, suppliers, and other related expenses.

And all these expenses are covered by the recruiting agency. The benefit is there.

In addition, recruiting companies usually offer their clients a flexible system of payment for their services, for example, the pay-per-hire model, when the customer pays for the work upon successful hiring of employees.

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You do not need to resort to the services of a recruitment agency but hire new employees on your own or with the help of freelancers. However, this may be extremely difficult for your recruiting department or a freelancer with a small database and limited search options. But demand reinforces the profitability of addressing professional agencies, which guarantees fast and high-quality closing of any complexity of vacancies and solves any possible issues with unsuccessful completion of the trial period by a candidate or their early dismissal.