March 1, 2023

Why does your business need a QA team? Outsourced QA testing services


No two things are absolutely identical. Even identical twins are different in one way or another. Therefore, nothing is surprising in the fact that there are no and cannot be two identical companies. Each company has its vision of how to do business. But the ultimate goal for every company is the same: to successfully launch the designed product with perfect quality on the market.


And how to achieve this goal? Actually, it is easier than it might seem. It is necessary that product development and quality testing be carried out simultaneously at each stage of production, from the beginning to the end.


It is also fair to say that when it comes to ensuring the product quality, or, in other words, analyzing the product’s quality to ensure its quality, several questions arise at once:

  • How to properly carry out the process of analysis and quality control?
  • Who must perform the QA test?
  • Is it reasonable to conduct such control In-house, or is it better to address Outsourced QA testing services?
  • Is this the part of the business to be provided for outstaffing?


And there are many others. Let us find the answers to these and similar questions and maybe, help you decide about QA outsourcing or other staffing services.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance, or QA, is a complex process of developing and maintaining standards for producing a particular product. In this process, as a rule, not one person is involved, but a QA team consisting of a few highly qualified and experienced specialists. These specialists ensure that the product the consumer will eventually receive will meet or even exceed the preliminary expectations.

What is included in the range of a QA team's duties?

The QA team verifies the quality criteria of a product through a series of targeted activities:

  • product manufacturing process planning;
  • observation and evaluation of processes;
  • setting standards and intermediate processes;
  • assistance in building consumer confidence in the long term;
  • improvement and optimization of work processes to increase efficiency;
  • strengthening the brand reputation.

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What skills does a QA team member need?

Working in a QA team requires each team member to have a unique set of skills and knowledge:

  • thorough knowledge of the product and testing methods;
  • the ability to find contact and interact with various employees of the company;
  • the ability to communicate effectively with multiple teams within the company, such as the development team;
  • excellent business analytics and project management skills;
  • the ability to be an outstanding team player;
  • excellent diplomacy skills.

A successful QA team’s characteristics

When you turn to an outsourced QA team, you can count on hiring a team of professionals that will help you achieve a maximum of positive results or even exceed your expectations if you keep in mind the following common features of a successful QA team:


  1. Precise distribution of roles and responsibilities within the team, when each team member knows what and when to do.
  2. High organization and strong communication.
  3. Positive attitude and increased engagement.
  4. Confidence, high professionalism, and empathy.
  5. Openness to feedback.
  6. Propensity for continuous learning.

Types of QA tests

To ensure the continued effective functioning of the product, its security, mobility, and compliance with the client’s standards, QA teams usually conduct some necessary Quality assurance tests:


  • Quality testing and compliance with the DevOps standards.
  • Functional testing.
  • Mobility testing.
  • Localization testing.
  • Automated testing.
  • API and UX testing.
  • Usability testing.

The advantages of outsourced QA testing

The advantages of outsourced QA testing are apparent. In my opinion, it will be enough to list the following points to dispel the last doubts of the management of any company about the advisability of using the services of an outsourced QA team:


  1. High specialization of the team.

Such a team consists of talented, highly specialized testers with extensive experience in various testing methods and highly modernized and advanced tools. Plus, this team is mobile and flexible and can work in different time zones and work conditions.

  1. Improving the quality of the staff’s work.

The QA team will help you establish effective communication between your internal teams of specialists and ensure the best results for their work.


  1. Profitability.

Instead of keeping a highly qualified tester or an entire test department on your staff, you can delegate testing to a team of experts who will join your personnel only for a specific time required for testing.


  1. Adherence to deadlines.

If you outsource quality assurance work to an outsourced QA team, the responsibility for meeting deadlines will become their concern. This is a team of professionals who know what they do. Thus, there is little chance they will not meet the deadline. And this solution will save you time and effort that you can spend on other essential processes.

  1. Insightful reports.

Experienced QA teams typically guarantee meaningful and objective reporting daily or weekly throughout a project. These reports will give you a clear picture of the profitability of the project you are working on. In addition, they will help you see and correct errors in the ongoing processes.

In conclusion

You need to address an outsourced QA team. And for this you can always hire a tester permanently.


But will this step benefit you? Will it be efficient enough to recoup the costs? It could be better to turn to the help of professionals and find a more profitable use for the funds allocated for a permanent tester.

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