June 29, 2023

The most demanded Web3 developers in the world and their salaries


Web3 technologies are gaining more and more interest among programmers these days. Web3 in Europe and Web3 in the USA are nowadays particularly interesting to employers and job seekers. The latter are naturally attracted by the rapidly rising salaries in this IT field. This can be judged by the growing demand for recruiting Web3 specialists. A change of trends in recruitment is an unmistakable indicator of demand for specialists in any sphere, though. And today, the tendency is to hire Web3 developers.


We will not change traditions and take an interest in more detail about this area and the salaries paid there today.

Who are web3 developers?

These are web developers of decentralized applications running over web 3.0. In the decentralized models they deal with, users own their data and have more control over how it is used.

What critical skills should a well-qualified web3 developer have?

The difference between web3 developers and web developers lies primarily in the stack of necessary skills and knowledge they use in their work. Of these, the most characteristic markers are blockchain and cryptocurrency identification.


The mandatory stack of an excellent web3 developer usually includes the following parameters, in which they must feel like a fish in water:

  • programming languages like JavaScript и CSS;
  • identity;
  • P2P databases;
  • work experience with Solidity and Rust;
  • blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge and development;
  • test-driven development;
  • dApp with Ethereum development;
  • blockchain development environment;
  • file storage;
  • API, indexing and queries;
  • client, frameworks and libraries;
  • protocols;
  • the version control system, Gitlab/Github;
  • blockchain architecture for networks and protocols, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, JSON RPC API.


Plus, in no case cannot be ignored the importance of the following soft skills:

  • excellent analytical skills;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • flexibility;
  • determination;
  • desire to learn new things.

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The top four categories of web3 developers

We can roughly distribute the web3 specialists into four big groups:


Core Blockchain Developers

These specialists develop and maintain the blockchain systems’ architecture. They build security patterns, create protocols, and oversee the network in its entirety.


Blockchain or Smart Contract Developers

They deal with Smart Contracts and program them for various Blockchain platforms.


Full-Stack Web3 Developers

These developers’ scope of work includes full stack Web3 development consisting of Web3 frontend and Web3 backend development.


Front-End Web3 Developers

They make user-facing elements of a website and code the part of a website or application with which the user sees and interacts. In addition, they take backend data and make it more easily understandable, visually attractive, and fully functional for an average user.

The top salaries rating

According to their average salaries, the top web3 specialists may be divided so:

  1. Core Blockchain Developers: the average salary is $170,000 per year.
  2. Full-Stack Web3 Developers: the average salary is $100,000 per year.
  3. Blockchain or Smart Contract Developers: the average salary is $85,000 per year.
  4. Front-End Web3 Developers: the average salary is $74,000 per year.

Instead of the summary

The modern world does not stand still. And business, as its compulsory component, is changing faster than all other spheres of life. To be ahead of others, better, and more successful, you must keep up with quickly developing technologies. It seems that web3 or blockchain developers are among the fastest ones. And a Web3 career looks very tempting. The average Web3 developer salary eloquently testifies to this. Besides, the Web3 jobs, according to the OnHires experience, are among the most demanded ones, and Web3 vacancies are closed in the shortest time.

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