July 1, 2023

The most demanded AI developers in the world and their salaries


Humanity is increasingly moving from offline to online reality. The latest technologies are occupying more and more space in all areas of our lives. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming more and more essential, contributing to the development of new areas of science and business and the creation of new jobs in Artificial Intelligence. The number of AI vacancies is rapidly growing, too.


Despite the pandemic crisis, the economic downturn, and other, including political, negative factors, the artificial intelligence area remains one of the few, if not the only, where the demand for AI specialists exceeds their availability.

What skills should AI developers have?

Trends in recruiting AI specialists eloquently indicate that the demand for developers for AI in Europe and AI in the USA in the coming years will not only prevail over the demand for any other profession but will even significantly outpace hiring developers in other areas.


Therefore, if you are planning to master the job of an AI specialist, remember that you will need some essential skills and qualifications to add to your university degree to get a position in the field of AI.


So, beginner Artificial Intelligence Developers should have the following necessary knowledge, qualifications, and skills:

  • bachelor’s or master’s degree in math, engineering, or computing;
  • additional certificates in Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Computer science, Bayesian networking, and Cognitive science theory;
  • deep knowledge of neural nets;
  • deep knowledge of such areas of math as statistics, logic, calculus, algebra, algorithms, and probability;
  • excellent skills in coding, applying common and in-demand programming languages;
  • excellent skills in AI programming;
  • excellent analytical skills.

The top six of the most demanded AI jobs in 2020-2022

Machine Learning Engineer

This AI engineer is one of the key roles in the AI industry. Any work in an AI project is done around what they do. The Machine Learning Engineer’s work functions include the capacity to use predictive models and make efficient appliance of natural language processing while dealing with massive datasets. This AI developer also should have enough experience in agile development practices, software development IDE tools, and deep practical knowledge of such programming languages as Java, Python, or Scala.


Business Intelligence Developer

This specialist’s responsibilities are to analyze complex datasets and recognize business and market trends to enlarge the company’s income. Besides, they will have to design and maintain complex data with the help of cloud-based data platforms. These employees also should have good experience in data warehouse design, data mining, SQL queries, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Integration Services, and BI technologies.


Research Scientist

A research scientist has to possess extensive knowledge and experience in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, computational statistics, parallel computing, distributed computing, benchmarking, and applied mathematics. In addition, in their work, they will require vast experience in natural language processing, graphical models, and reinforcement learning.


Data Scientist

This engineer’s duties will consist of enormous and complex datasets using machine learning and predictive analytics. They will also make algorithms to gather and clean this data and prepare it for analysis. For this, data scientists need to have good practical experience using the data platforms and tools like Hive, Pig, Spark, Hadoop, and MapReduce. Plus, they should have good experience in statistical computing and programming languages like Perl, Scala, Python, and SQL.


Big Data Architect

A big data architect or engineer plans and develops the entire big data environment on Hadoop and Spark systems. For this, they must possess experience in data visualization, mining, and migration. In addition, they need excellent experience using programming languages like Python, C++, Scala, and Java.


Robotics Scientist

A robotic scientist’s responsibilities involve designing Operating Systems and testing the cost-functions connected with building mechanical appliances known as robots. These specialists ought to have deep knowledge and good practical experience in automation and dealing with robots to guarantee that robots are operating reliably, safely, and cost-effectively.

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The top six AI developers’ salaries

The AI developer's salary is thought to be one of the highest in the IT area. Thus, the top five AI developers’ average salaries per year look so:

  • Big Data Engineer/Architect: $161,880.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: $145,159.
  • Robotics Scientist: $114,368.
  • Data Scientist: $100,560.
  • Business Intelligence Developer: $100,412.
  • Research Scientist: $87,059.



It is not easy to find and hire a high-quality AI developer with all the required skills and qualifications in the shortest time. And it will not become more effortless in the coming years as the need for them is only increasing.


Luckily, there are professional global recruitment agencies specializing in finding any IT specialists, including the rarest AI developers. For instance, try OnHires recruiting opportunities to determine what wonders such companies may do.