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We provide outstaffing for fast-growing companies, help to grow companies’ team and increase the productivity.
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Trusted by top brands

Trusted by top brands

What we do

We help companies to grow faster, improve business processes, achieve goals and get additional profit.

R&D Center

New ideas are the engines of progress and the key to success. If you want to leave your competitors far behind and significantly multiply your profits, creating an R&D center will help you cope with this goal.

We have expertise in building R&D centers and are ready to deliver the best talents for your business.

QA Team

Quality assurance, or QA, is a complex process of developing and maintaining standards for producing a particular product. The main goal is to ensure that the product meets or exceeds customers' expectations.

We can help you to hire a QA talent or to build a QA team consisting of a few highly qualified and experienced specialists.

Technical Support Center

It is an outstaffing company that supplies specific outstaffing services to their customers to maintain the products, mainly high-quality technical support services that the In-house tech support staff or individual independent specialists cannot guarantee.

Address us in case you need to create a Technical support department or fill the gaps.

Extand  your team  in CEE

Modern business often resorts to this when it urgently needs to increase staff. Staff augmentation temporarily attracts outside personnel to expand your company's capacity or perform the current tasks within a specific project.

We offer highly skilled employees and close positions in the shortest possible time.


Dream team

Hire talents for a short period or on a long-term basis: Developers, Engineers, C-level specialists & Executives

High quality

Offer highly qualified employees. As global IT recruitment agency we operate with a huge database


Quickly fill gaps in your current projects, cose positions in the shortest possible time


Provide a specific expertise and experience you need, and take over some functions and control of work

Cost reduction

Offer an inclusive rate.We provide different tariff plans to choose from and a variety of payment methods


Implement an effective business strategy, expand team productivity, reduce time and achieve goals

Our process

Reduce time to hire. We’ll provide you with the first candidates’ CVs within 3-5 days.

Choose Dedicated Specialists

✔️ Company intro
✔️ Indicate the necessary developers and C-levels
✔️ Interview candidates from our huge database and decide who fits best

Integrate talents or dedicated team

✔️ Integrate them into your project,
✔️ They become a part of your team. You can communicate directly, they work only for your company
✔️ Establish processes

Scale your staff

✔️ Prepare a plan according to your needs
✔️ Grow your team on-demand. You can increase or decrease the team during high or dowm periods.
✔️ Presenting results

Our expertise

Whether you’re building a team from scratch or you need help closing that one hard-to-fill position, we've done it before.

Back end development

Back end development

PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Go, Scala, .NET, C++, Rust, Full Stack

Front end & design

Front end & design

JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, Typescript , UI/UX

Mobile development

Mobile development

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Game Developer C++, Game Designer, 3D Artist

Game development

Game development

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Game Developer C++, Game Designer, 3D Artist

Data Science & Big Data

Data scientist, Machine Learning, Quantitative Researcher, AI Researcher, Data Analyst

Management & Analysis

CTO, IT Project Manager, Product Manager, Business analyst, Team Lead

Marketing & HR

CMO, Content Creator, PPC, Email Marketer, Traffic manager, HR Business Partner, Recruiter, HRD, Copywriter

QA, Infrastructure& support

QA Automation, QA Manual,DevOps, Engineer Support Engineer

Industries we work with

E-commerce & Retail
AI & Machine Learning
Hardware & IoT
Gaming, VR & AR
Medtech & Pharma
Lifestyle & fashion

Our geography

We work in 80+ countries around the world.

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