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We provide full-cycle recruiting services that free up time and save money.

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Trusted by top brands

Trusted by top brands

What we do

Pay-per-hire recruiting

We manage all recruitment processes end-to-end.

Pay Per Hire follows the commission model where clients pay recruitment fees for the result.

Subscription-based recruiting

Subscription-based full-cycle recruitment service with worldwide coverage.

Imagine recruiting process outsourcing that adopts your hiring needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is outsourcing the recruitment process
or a partial or complete transfer by
the employer of the search and selection
process to a specialized contractor within
a project, department, or company.


We help companies to grow faster, improve business processes, achieve goals and get additional profit.

Huge Talent Pool

130 000 + candidates in our database. Top talents with different stacks for all types of companies and products


We prescreen candidates with our unique methodology and use 30+ channels for recruiting


Live access to CRM during the recruiting process, so you can review the recruiting funnel


We conduct technical interviews. Also, our recruiters give an extensive summary after each interview

Flexible Payments

Different tariff plans to choose from and a variety of payment methods from wire to crypto transfers


We provide a personal manager and professional recruiter for each client

Our process

Reduce time to hire. We’ll provide you with the first candidates’ CVs within 3-5 days.

Tell us about you

(1-3 days)
✔️ Company intro
✔️ Vacancy description
✔️ Signing a contract

Full cycle recruiting

(1-4 weeks)
✔️ Sourcing
✔️ Pre-screeing, scheduling, and interviewing
✔️ Weekly reports and support

Way to offer

(4-6 week)
✔️ Offer negotiations
✔️ Signing NDA with a candidate
✔️ Presenting results

Our expertise

Whether you’re building a team from scratch or you need help closing that one hard-to-fill position, we've done it before.

Back end development

Back end development

PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Go, Scala, .NET, C++, Rust, Full Stack

Front end & design

Front end & design

JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, Typescript , UI/UX

Mobile development

Mobile development

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Game Developer C++, Game Designer, 3D Artist

Game development

Game development

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Game Developer C++, Game Designer, 3D Artist

Data Science & Big Data

Data scientist, Machine Learning, Quantitative Researcher, AI Researcher, Data Analyst

Management & Analysis

CTO, IT Project Manager, Product Manager, Business analyst, Team Lead

Marketing & HR

CMO, Content Creator, PPC, Email Marketer, Traffic manager, HR Business Partner, Recruiter, HRD, Copywriter

QA, Infrastructure& support

QA Automation, QA Manual,DevOps, Engineer Support Engineer

Industries we work with

E-commerce & Retail
AI & Machine Learning
Hardware & IoT
Gaming, VR & AR
Medtech & Pharma
Lifestyle & fashion

Our geography

We work in 80+ countries around the world.

The innovative approach

We use the most popular job boards, portals and professional networks to speed up the work and find top specialists

Our secret sauce

We have an access to 830 million talents in 200 countries

Case studies

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