July 1, 2023

The most demanded blockchain developers in the world and their salaries


Blockchain is one of the fastest growing and developing segments in information and digital technologies. This fact is eloquently confirmed by the explosive growth in the number of vacancies for blockchain Europe jobs in the sector, including blockchain in Europe and blockchain in the USA.


And given that the possibilities of blockchain technology are of interest to many industries nowadays, especially for specialists like blockchain developers or blockchain engineers, it is not difficult to conclude that the demand for hire blockchain developers will only increase in the coming years.


By mentioning OnHires recruitment, we can also state a sharp demand for hiring developers for blockchain jobs.


Very conditionally, blockchain specialists may be divided into three large categories per their main responsibilities: blockchain developers, engineers, and other blockchain experts.


In this article, we will look at the list of the most sought-after specialists in the area and the specifics of their jobs.

Blockchain Developers

The requirements for these experts may vary depending on the underlying platform where such a specialist will work, the blockchain languages, and the sphere of specialization.


The general requirements for blockchain developers are the following:

  • Skills in working with web and mobile applications such as Android or iOS.
  • Ability to build data structures for blockchains, create secure blockchain technologies, and develop application features and interfaces.
  • Ability to maintain client and server-side applications.
  • Skills to apply knowledge of ledgers and smart contracts, consensus methods, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Familiarity with threat analysis, bug detection, and performance management.
  • Skills to enable secure digital transactions by creating systems to record and store blockchain data in a way that prevents changes or hacks.

Blockchain Engineers

The requirements for these specialists vary depending on their specifications and area of specialization.


The general requirements for blockchain engineers are the following:

  • Good awareness of blockchain technology.
  • Ability to create, implement, analyze and support a distributed blockchain network.
  • Ability to manage specific business models coping with blockchain technology.
  • Ability to maintain and develop the current data lake infrastructure, adapt it for new enterprise demands, and ensure data reliability and accuracy.
  • The ability to maintain and prolong the core data infrastructure, existing data pipelines, and ETLs.
  • Skills to apply best practices and frameworks for data testing and validation.
  • Ability to create, develop and implement data visualization and analytics tools and various data products.
  • Knowledge of SQL and no-SQL databases and coding principles.

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The most demanded blockchain specialists these days

According to the statistics data, the average world salary for these blockchain specialists in 2022 looks like this:


  • Blockchain Developer, the average salary is $108,000.
  • Blockchain Engineer, the average salary is $95,000.
  • Blockchain Data Engineer, the average salary is 180,000.
  • Blockchain DevOps Engineer (BlockOps), the average salary is $180,000.
  • Security Engineer, the average salary is $76,000.
  • Core blockchain developer, the average salary is $122,000.
  • Blockchain software developer, the average salary is $122,000.
  • Back-end developer, the average salary is $96,000.
  •  Front-end developer, the average salary is $87,000.
  • Blockchain Researcher, the average salary is $101,000.
  • Full-stack Developer, the average salary is $99,000.
  • Smart Contracts Developer, the average salary is $147,000.


The salaries speak for themselves, so, judging by their amounts, we can see that the highest-paid and, accordingly, the most wanted blockchain jobs in 2022 are the following:

  1. Blockchain DevOps Engineer.
  2. Blockchain Data Engineer.
  3. Smart Contracts Developer.
  4. Core blockchain developer.
  5. Blockchain software developer.

Summarizing: prospects for the blockchain sphere development

A lot of money is being invested in blockchain development. According to the Circle Research report, in 2017, blockchain startups attracted $ 1,5 billion, but already in a year, in 2018, the sum reached $ 5 billion.  And these years, 2021-2022, it goes to approximately $ 8 billion.


By the analytics from Glassdoor, the number of vacancies in the sector is growing by about 300% per year. This suggests that, despite the crypto market instability, trust in the technology is going up, and the infusion of long-term investments in blockchain projects is increasing and will continue its growth in the near future.


According to the International Data Corporation’s forecasts, investments in blockchain projects that do not directly connect with crypto projects will amount to $3,5 billion in 2022.


Accordingly, the demand for blockchain specialists will keep growing, and above all, for technical and engineering roles. Since 2017, the need for these professionals has increased four times, according to the Skills Index by Upwork Q1 data. Now they account for 55% of all vacancies in this area. Already today, there are 14 vacancies for every blockchain developer.

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