May 25, 2023

Subscription-based recruitment, RSS or embedded recruitment


The recruiting process is an inevitable process for any business. At the same time, a competent hiring process requires certain skills, experience, and, most importantly, time and appropriate administration. This circumstance prompts many companies to outstaff this process, resorting to the help of a professional recruitment agency.

And an invariable feature of any successfully developing business is a constant increase in the staff. Therefore, subscription-based recruitment is one of the most profitable hiring options for a company that regularly recruits new employees.

What is subscription-based recruitment?

Subscripton-based recruitment

Subscription-based recruitment, which is also called RSS, or, in other words, embedded recruitment, is a growing outstaffing model that, unlike the traditional recruitment model, operates based on a subscription outsourcing recruiting service.

This model implies fixed monthly payments throughout the entire period of the subscription. Within this period, the recruitment agency’s hiring team is completely at the disposal of the company possessing the subscription. Plus, the team works exclusively on hiring employees for this company, regardless of the number of hirings made in a month.

What does the subscription recruitment service include?

Recruitment suscription services or RSS

Subscription-based recruitment supplies companies with a range of options:

  • quick start after contract signing;
  • fixed monthly payment;
  • a dedicated team of sourcers and recruiters;
  • unlimited number of hired candidates;
  • guaranteed closing of any IT position, technical, non-technical, or C-level;
  • a few-month guarantee for the closed position;
  • direct access to all the project files.

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What are the main advantages of embedded recruitment?

Embedded recruitment

There are several obvious advantages to embedded recruitment:

  • First of all, subscription recruitment allows companies to save up to 50% on the costs of recruiting agency services compared to the traditional pay-per-hire model and up to 90% compared to the in-house recruitment model.
  • In addition, this model provides the company with a high degree of recruitment flexibility, allowing recruiting as many new workers as needed as the business expands, without being tied to a specific number of hirings per period.
  • Finally, the recruitment subscription service lets companies use this model to directly control and, if necessary, adjust the entire recruitment process from start to finish.


For more information about this model, you can contact the OnHires team at any time. We successfully work with subscription-based recruitment and have experienced teams of sourcers and recruiters that can be placed at your complete disposal.