How we helped Hacken scale their Smart contracts auditor team by 45% over 3 months

16 days
took to hire one specialist
saved by the complete closing of vacancies
of department staff increase

Projects details:

15 Positions:

  • Solidity Smart Contracts Auditor
  • Rust Smart Contracts Auditor
  • Blockchain Researcher: L-1 & L-2

Type of service: Pay-per-hire recruiting

Industry: Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Number of employees: 200+

Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

Key Objective: Hire top-notch smart contract talent in Web3 industry

About Client

Hacken is a successful cybersecurity company that focuses on blockchain security and provides a wide range of cybersecurity services. They also supply knowledge and support to help enterprises to protect themselves.

They are one of the leaders in the Web3 Cybersecurity industry. The company provides B2C, B2B, and B2G cybersecurity services to clients belonging to the blockchain, DeFi, and NFT ecosystems from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Hacken’s team believes that security should be the top priority for any business.

The Challenge

The Hacken company is quickly growing, and they need to expand its team of intelligent contract auditors. Their main goal is to increase the profit by increasing business and providing new services. To achieve this goal, they urgently needed rare, highly experienced Rust & Solidity Smart contracts auditors.

The Workflow

Hacken’s partner recommended them the OnHires as a professional recruiting company with excellent recruiters. They looked at the range of OnHires’ services, booked an intro call, and chose us to deal with.

The service Hacken and OnHires agreed on the pay-per-hire recruiting.

The pay-per-hire talent recruiting refers to the total cost of bringing a new employee to the company, including the expense of the recruitment process, equipment, travel costs, administrative costs, and benefits.

OnHires hired ten specialists to create the team of developers the Hacken needed. The vacancies were launched simultaneously. Nine OnHires recruiters worked on the project.

The customer and the service supplier kept in touch permanently and monitored the results.

The Hacken received the first candidates' CVs in three days. All the specialists were chosen and hired in a short time.

In general, it took 16 days to fill in one position. And it took three months to fill in all the vacancies in total.

OnHires also conducted predefined technical questions and the introduction to work so that the team of developers could start working as fast as possible.

The Approach

OnHires used such an approach as an intensive search via thirty social media resources like LinkedIn and Github.

Besides, we carried out extensive market research, carefully studied the target list, identified the required skill set, and targeted only those who could make a difference.

The Results

Due to Hacken’s partnership with the OnHires, $100K has been saved on the empty seat costs.

This partnership has also allowed reaching the 100% success rate and provided the 45% headcount increase in 3 months.

100% of the hired rare specialists have passed the probation period and are now successfully working for the company permanently.

Final Words

It is hard to find a highly skilled professional in Blockchain/Crypto. But their team provided a very professional service, and they got to the heart of the brief very quickly, taking into account both the cultural fit and the functional demands of the roles.

Dyma Budorin,

the Hacken CEO

Our recruiting company OnHires has helped Hacken scale their Smart contracts auditor team significantly. Within three months, we have successfully hired fifteen specialists for them, including the Solidity Smart Contracts Auditor, the Rust Smart Contracts Auditor, and the Blockchain Researcher (L-1 & L-2), which has further increased the success and growth of Hacken, as well as the growth of their profits and credibility in the field.

Victoria Ignatieva,

the head of the recruiting department at OnHires