How we hired 7 talents and improve the Bitmedia Labs’ business processes

rare specialists successfully hired
of department staff increase
of the business processes increase

Projects details:

5 Positions:

  • Fullstack Developer (react+node) - 3;
  • Facebook PPC Specialist - 1;
  • HR Director - 1;
  • Product Manager - 1;
  • Game Designer - 1.

Type of service: Pay-per-hire recruiting

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Software Development

Number of employees: 50+

Headquarters: Berlin (Germany)

Key Objective: Personnel Hiring

About Client

Bitmedia Labs has six in-house market-heading products such as: #1 Bitcoin & crypto advertising network, blockchain games and NFT products.


It is a reliable ad marketplace in cryptocurrency, supplying blockchain businesses with the most relevant crypto audience.


Bitmedia Labs is a product company focused on developing robust and high-load online advertising systems and healthcare and gaming products popular among a broad user audience.

The Challenge


This successfully operating in a particular market segment company wanted to scale up its business to grow further and increase profits. Accordingly, there was a strong need to expand the staff by hiring new specialists.


To do it as effectively as possible, Bitmedia Labs agreed with our company  OnHires whose task was to find a few employees in 3 months. We undertook to find the right candidates, interview them, evaluate, select and introduce them into the work process.

The Workflow


We organized the hiring process from writing the job ads and screening the candidates to interviewing the potential employees and sending our offers to Bitmedia Labs.


We had a preliminary online meeting where we discussed the work plan and the requirements for the candidates. We also discussed the set of services and different payment plans. Finally, we agreed on the most suitable for their company payment method, the pay-per-hire recruiting model.


After that, we made a list of the candidates' essential qualities, skills, and work experience, created detailed job descriptions with all the necessary information, and, on this basis, wrote job ads that were posted on our job platforms later.


Our recruiting team closely cooperated with Bitmedia Labs, presenting the candidates' CVs, providing them with our reviews on the interviews, and speaking over our opinions concerning the candidates.


In the end, we managed to hire exactly the specialists Bitmedia Labs needed.


An important part of the work was identifying the hiring process's stages. Together with the Bitmedia Labs representatives, during a general call, we identified the main points:


  1. For technical candidates, like full-stack developers (middle, senior), it was decided to conduct three stages of selection: a pre-screen interview with a recruiter, and a technical interview.
  2. For junior developers, it was decided to lead a pre-screen interview with a recruiter, a test task, and a technical interview.
  3. For the Facebook PPC Specialist, it was agreed to have a pre-screen interview, a CV review, a technical interview with the СЕО, and an interview with the CPO.
  4. For some other specialists, like a Game Designer, it was decided to conduct a pre-screen interview, a test task, and a technical interview.


For each required position, not only a detailed description was compiled, but also the interview questions, including technical ones.


During the process, we maintained constant communication with the help of messengers, emails, and general calls with the Bitmedia Labs representatives, who also had access to the project's files and the opportunity to monitor the stages of the project. Thus, they regularly got all the new information on the project's progress.


All the tasks at all the project stages were completed ahead of the deadlines.

The Approach


In our work, we use LinkedIn Recruiter (we are an official Linkedin Partner in CEE), Djinni, Dou, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, and other platforms for posting vacancy announcements and self-searching for suitable candidates. We also use our extensive database of candidates and the OnHires job board.

The Results


As a result of Bitmedia Labs’ cooperation with our recruiting agency OnHires, our client managed to:


  • close all the positions in 3 months;
  • hire 7 specialists, including not only developers but also other IT specialists;
  • reach the 100% success rate.


100% of the hired rare specialists have passed the probation period and 6 out of 7 are now successfully working for the company.

Final Words


OnHires organized all the process stages at the highest level. All the tasks were set and performed on time. All our requirements were met. The communication was constant and intensive. We remained really satisfied with OnHires and are going to return to their services when there is a necessity.


Oksana Kuzma,

HR Director at Bitmedia Labs



Working with Bitmedia Labs has become a valuable experience for us. Despite the complexity of the task set before us, the close fruitful collaboration and communication with the Bitmedia team helped us make the workflow as convenient and smooth as possible.


Victoria Ignatieva,

Head of the recruiting department at OnHires