How we managed to increase Aprioreo’s productivity by 350%

specialists successfully hired
of department staff increase
of increase in the company’s productivity

Projects details:

4 Positions:

  • No-code Specialists - 2;
  • Designers - 2;
  • Chief Marketing Officer - 1;
  • Sales Manager - 1.

Type of service: Pay-per-hire recruiting

Industry: Web-Development, Web-Design

Number of employees: 5-10

Headquarters: Ukraine

Key Objective: Personnel Hiring

About client

Aprioreo is a web-design agency that connects the best design solutions and no-code technologies. They create unique and modern sites from the idea to their successful development.


This team of creative people and enthusiasts can implement any whim of their customers in the shortest possible time and at the highest level of professionalism.

The Challenge

Aprioreo is a young agency that needed to expand its team and recruit some key employees: designers and no-code developers.

Also, for a more effective business process organization, it was necessary to find a CMO with experience in building a brand and working with B2B listings and a sales manager with experience in promoting through such channels as freelance platforms, etc.

Plus, the agency required to build HR and administration processes in the company, and create an employer brand for further successful work.

The Workflow

OnHires fixed up the whole hiring process from writing the job advertisements and screening the candidates to interviewing the applicants and sending their candidacies to Aprioreo’s administration.

After signing the contract, a briefing followed, and then a long call. We comprehensively discussed the further interaction between the project’s participants from both sides and formulated the detailed compulsory requirements for the candidates according to the client’s wishes. Besides, the specifics of the work and the list of the work responsibilities for each position were clearly defined.

In the process of further preparation, key information about the company, job benefits, additional work conditions, and bonuses were also included in the ads.

The next stage of the project work was the job ads placement, the recruiting team formation, prescribing the recruiting funnel, and setting tasks.

In addition, interview questions were written for each position, and scripts were prepared for each interview.

During the next stage, the candidates to go through interviews were selected by the OnHires recruiters.

The interview stage consisted of a series of interviews with each candidate and a test task. The number of interviews and the structure of the test task varied depending on the specifics of each vacancy.

A detailed analysis accompanied each interview. At the end of the interview stage, the best candidates were selected. Their detailed characteristics and recruiters’ conclusions were presented to Aprioreo’s management. The decision to send offers to the chosen candidates was made with the participation of the representatives of both companies. The offers, at the request of the customer, were sent by the OnHires employees.

The Approach

In addition to our large Zoho database and OnHires job portal, we apply various recruiting platforms, like Djinni, Dou, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, LinkedIn Recruiter, and other resources and HR tools to complete our project.

The Results

As a result of Aprioreo’s cooperation with our recruitment agency OnHires:

  • all the open positions have been filled in 2 months;
  • 6 specialists have been hired, including a C-level specialist;
  • the productivity of Aprioreo has increased by 350%;
  • the 100% of necessary employees have been reached;
  • Aprioreo has received efficient help in building and organizing business processes, especially recruitment and HR processes.

All the hired specialists have passed the 3 months probation period.

Final words

Our cooperation with Onhires was incredible and a rewarding experience for us. We have learned a lot from them and have grown a lot professionally.



Head of the Web Development at Aprioreo


OnHires have helped our agency learn how to work much more effectively and have added valuable members to our team. Plus, they have inspired us to want and achieve more.



Head of the Web Design at Aprioreo