February 22, 2023

What is hybrid recruitment?


Global business before and after the pandemic are two different things. Practically all business spheres have become different and have acquired different forms and implementations. The working conditions, the requirements for candidates and employees, and the recruiting have changed a lot.


And the new format of work demands new forms of hiring. Traditional recruiting is being replaced by hybrid hiring, which is more promising and influential today. Moreover, by switching to hybrid recruiting out of necessity, employers immediately saw its many benefits.


Let us stay consistent with the current trends and try to figure out what hybrid recruitment is. As they say, we will determine what kind of fruit it is and what it is eaten with.

What is the hybrid recruiting model?

The hybrid recruitment model combines in-person hiring and virtual recruiting strategies as an overall candidate recruiting strategy. Thus, this approach allows employers to take advantage of remote recruiting while using in-person methods. At the same time, this mixed recruitment model shows better results than any of these methods separately.


The hard years of the pandemic are over. Still, whether they started using hybrid recruiting strategies only during the pandemic or long before, employers will not abandon it.


Whether it goes about mixed staffing and recruiting, external and internal recruiting, in-house recruiting, or outsourcing recruiting, hybrid talent acquisition is excellent.


Furthermore, depending on the type of position you are hiring for, having a robust and flexible hybrid hiring model makes it reasonably easy and quick to recruit virtually if needed or through a mixed approach. As they say in books, everything is in the hands of the employer.

Advantages of personal recruitment methods

The undoubted advantages of personal methods of hiring include the following:


  • Increasing the value of candidate experience. Personal interviews allow recruiters to establish closer contact with the candidates and better convince them why they should work for your company and not your competitors.

  • Benefits of alive human communication. Candidates feel more confident and comfortable when the interview takes place in a live offline format. They are quicker and easier to agree to a deal and are better at compromise then.

  • The opportunity to demonstrate your company’s culture and policy. Few things compare to personal interaction. An offline interview in your company’s office will let you better show all the advantages of working for the company and produce a better understanding of the team for the candidate.

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Benefits of virtual recruitment methods

There are some real benefits of online recruitment methods:


  • Cost reduction. The usual costs of recruiting events and various offline activities, like venue rental, travel and printed materials costs, and so on, are reduced by almost 100% since all the events are carried out remotely at a minimal cost.

  • Efficiency improvement. Recruiters significantly save time and effort by conducting the necessary recruitment activities online. In addition, they get the opportunity to cover a much larger number of candidates with their search.

  • Expanded coverage. This method allows recruiters to significantly diversify the channels for searching for candidates and attract to the recruiting pools those job seekers who, using another way, would not fall into the search zone.


  • Bias reduction. Remote hiring reduces the bias from face-to-face contact during offline interviews.


  • General convenience. Virtual recruiting tactics are equally convenient for recruiters and candidates. They allow both parties to choose the most convenient time and lead the interview from any location.

Pros of hybrid recruitment approaches

There is no doubt that the combined recruitment model also has its strengths. Here they are:


  • High flexibility and adaptability. The successful combination of in-person and online recruiting strategies allows you to adapt almost instantly to any new hiring project conditions, specific client’s requirements, quick deadlines, etc.


  • Low cost. Depending on the project’s budget, requirements for the candidates, lead time, and other nuances, you can easily adjust the number of candidates hired virtually up to 100%, which will seriously reduce the costs.


  • High profitability. Such a flexible method of recruiting will reduce not only the costs but also the time and effort spent on finding and hiring candidates.


  • High diversity. This hybrid strategy will significantly increase the coverage of candidate search by combining traditional and virtual candidate search channels and tools.


  • Face-to-face factor. The hybrid approach to recruitment lets you combine remote hiring methods with in-person communication, which maximizes the company’s chances of hiring the best candidates.

The final words

Hybrid recruitment strategies work significantly throughout the whole recruiting process and help employers speed up the hiring time and reduce the general costs and applied effort. Finally, these strategies help recruiters weed out more candidates in less time and find the most qualified talent. Thus, the future of recruiting lies in its hybrid form.