July 1, 2023

TOP hiring strategies in 2022 and 2023


In 2021, 69% of companies reported talent shortages and hiring difficulties, breaking the 15-year high. However, regardless of the economic state and the company’s talent pool, to be successful in the long run, any business must be able to hire and retain the best, most talented, and prospective employees.

But hiring such employees is not an easy task and requires a successful recruitment strategy to accomplish it. Let us find out which hiring strategies have produced the best results in recent years.

What does a hiring strategy mean?

A hiring strategy is a plan of action to improve the recruitment process to fulfill the hiring aims optimally and efficiently.

The main goals of a recruiting strategy may be formulated like this:

  • to attract more well-qualified and skilled candidates;
  • to improve job proposal acceptance rate;
  • to shorten new employee turnover rate;
  • to rationalize the application procedures and reduce the candidates’ outflow;
  • to find optimal job boards and candidates’ tracking channels;
  • to make up the optimal vacancy description form;
  • to integrate new searching tools into the candidate tracking system.

The most effective recruitment strategies

The top hiring strategies in 2022 include the following points:

  1. Review your current recruiting strategies and determine what is working effectively and what needs improvement or elimination from future practice.

  1. Analyze the global recruitment experience, especially in IT recruitment, which is developing faster than others due to the highest demand for hiring IT specialists in recent years. Embrace the best practices to apply them in your hiring process.

  1. Study remote recruiting thoroughly and implement its best practices in your hiring process. Modern recruiting trends are such that in 2021 remote recruiting accounted for 92% of global recruitment.

  1. Hiring new employees is constantly improving, adapting to the ever-changing time realities. Search for new technologies to implement in your recruiting procedure. New practical tools for searching, evaluating, and hiring candidates are appearing. Track them and tailor them to your recruitment practices.

  1. Consider the job vacancy structure your company is currently using. Increase the attractiveness of your vacancies to candidates by adding the salary range, list of bonuses, benefits, and professional training opportunities of the proposed position.

  1. Work on your company’s employer brand. Make your company as attractive to potential employees as possible. It is no secret that most applicants look closely at the company’s brand and reputation before applying.

  1. Involve your current employees in the search for new candidates. They know best of all what exactly candidates the company needs. Create a referral base of candidates.

  1. Use social media to find and recruit passive candidates who can be valuable to your company.

  1. Post your employees’ testimonials on the company’s official website. Positive feedback from employees about their place of work increases the company’s attractiveness in the eyes of candidates.

  1. Post on your official website FAQ, where candidates can find information about your company culture, working conditions, salary ranges, bonuses, benefits, and training programs. This may prompt them to apply for a position in your company.

  1. Share your company’s culture on social media. The bright, positive image always attracts candidates.

  1. Share your current and completed projects on social media. They may tell potential candidates about your company's deals and prompt them to apply to your company.

  1. Keep a blog on the company’s official website with helpful information and tips about the specifics of the company’s field of work. Your article can draw potential candidates’ attention to the company.

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Whatever recruiting strategies you choose to improve the efficiency of your recruitment process, they will be effective if you do not stand still but follow the global trends and show initiative and courage in applying new tools and technologies and searching new channels for finding candidates.


And it is essential not to forget about maintaining your company's high reputation and positive employer brand.