July 1, 2023

How to use LinkedIn Recruiter: what possibilities for recruitment it provides


LinkedIn is the world’s largest online network of professional contacts. Moreover, with its assistance, you can find an internship, start a new professional relationship, find business partners for your unique project, or new employees for your company. You can even master new professional skills. You can find an exciting job vacancy on LinkedIn.


Given today’s realities, this network is a handy tool for finding and hiring personnel. OnHires successfully applies recruitment in LinkedIn in its practice, and in this article, we will take a closer look at LinkedIn recruitment capabilities.

Amazing features of  LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful LinkedIn recruiting solution best suited for hiring groups of specialists for mid-sized companies, corporations, or recruiting agencies.


LinkedIn Recruiter is a massive database of a professional network of users to which the recruiter gets access. This access allows the recruiter to search and view information about potential candidates on their profiles and, if interested, contact them via internal email.


Unlike standard premium accounts, a great feature of LinkedIn Recruiter is that it is a corporate solution since it is used by the company represented by its employees. Personal and corporate accounts are not directly connected. The authorization occurs with the regular login and password. If the employee leaves the company, all their work information is transferred to their deputy.


LinkedIn Recruiter assumes several roles for the service user.


LinkedIn Recruiters get the most rights and possibilities as the primary users of the product. They get the right to search for profiles, work with them, and present suitable candidates for consideration. They can also get administrator rights for the general account management. The fee for the product's use depends on the number of recruiters working with the service.


Hiring managers get limited job opportunities, including viewing potential candidates' profiles and adding comments and statuses to them.


There is also the role of a vacancy manager who posts vacancies, for example, IT vacancies, on LinkedIn and works with responses.


Another LinkedIn Recruiter’s significant advantage is the complete visibility of all profiles, except for their contacts. The selected profiles are attached to projects or LinkedIn vacancies and, in the future, are easily identified for work. The recruiter can attach a resume obtained through another source to a user’s profile.


The project management on LinkedIn Recruiter is the enhanced feature of the folders in the standard premium access aimed at recruiters. The found users’ profiles are saved in folders with projects’ names.


LinkedIn Recruiter allows all possible filters that let the recruiter conduct the most accurate search in the user base. Searching on LinkedIn Recruiter is practically the same as searching with a regular profile, except for the nuance that the new filters are added to allow the recruiter to create more precise search queries. Boolean search is also supported and indispensable in certain cases.


LinkedIn Recruiter, like any other service, provides the opportunity to analyze the use of the product and measure the effectiveness of individual work tools. It is possible to track the activity for a certain period by various parameters, such as the activity within a day, searches performed, the number of profiles viewed, and statistics on sent emails, statuses, tags, or imported resumes.


One of the main differences between a corporate LinkedIn access and a personal premium account is the ability to add new resumes of potential candidates, even if these candidates do not have registration in the professional network. Thus, the corporate account becomes the ATS, a database of candidates that can be searched and monitored for changes in their experience.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is an entry-level recruiting tool that is best suited for LinkedIn hiring individual talents for small and medium-sized businesses with small recruitment needs.


This premium subscription provides access to the reduced version of LinkedIn Recruiter and is adapted to the unique demands of individual recruiters and hiring managers.

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Why is LinkedIn so successful?


In January 2022, LinkedIn announced a 200-million user audience. Indeed, the company owes the lion’s share of its success to its services.

Moreover, LinkedIn has done a lot in recent years for its development. There are new profiles, company pages, and premium accounts. The design of the profile has changed for the better. Plus, some changes have been made to the access rights, and the users’ capabilities have expanded.


Thus, LinkedIn is one of the most convenient and popular resources for finding vacancies, business partners, or employees.