July 1, 2023

HR and recruitment statistics. Part 2: recruitment software, digital and social media statistics


We no longer wonder what our future will be like. We already live in the future and know what it is like. It is inhabited by artificial bits of intelligence, sophisticated devices, and high-tech computers. Besides, our work and private lives are rapidly transforming from offline to online mode.

Not surprisingly, these futuristic changes have also affected the sphere of HR and recruiting.

Just look at the statistics below, and you will see for yourself.

Recruitment software statistics

  • According to the statistics, the most popular talent tracking software includes SmartRecruiters, BambooHR, Workday, Greenhouse, and Submittable.
  • Almost 99% of Fortune 500 companies use special recruitment software.
  • 94% of recruiters claim that using recruitment software has positively influenced their hiring process.
  • 68% of recruiters believe investing in advanced recruiting technology is the best way to improve recruiting outcomes.
  • Over 30% of companies use cloud systems to store their personnel data.
  • The HR tech market has expanded by over 75% due to startups.
  • The HR tech sector will almost double by 2025.

Digital recruiting statistics

  • 80% of companies use artificial intelligence in their HR processes.
  • 79% of top managers consider that artificial intelligence can help improve efficiency and productivity in the HR field.

With the help of chatbots on the recruiting sites:

  • 40% more potential employees complete an online application.
  • 13% more job hunters click apply on a job requirement.

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Social media statistics

In addition to digital forms of recruiting, social media recruiting is becoming more and more popular:

  • 86% of young job applicants use social media to look for a job in the first ten years of their careers.
  • 73% of millennials found their current jobs through social media.
  • 55% of job hunters use social media when searching for a job.
  • 84% of companies use social media in the recruiting process.
  • 41% of recruiters think investing in a company's official career website will improve the company’s brand significantly.
  • 47% of recruiters believe that social media helps improve the employer's brand.
  • 71% of recruiters admit that social media helps reduce the time needed to fill a vacancy.

What are the tendencies?

Judging by the above statistics, we can summarize:

  • The candidate hiring process is becoming more and more digital.
  • Using special recruitment software optimizes the process of recruiting a lot.
  • The recruiting sites that use chatbots are doing it efficiently.
  • Social media is becoming one of the most demanded job-seeking channels.