July 1, 2023

What is HR consulting


Just as there is no need to prove to someone that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not vice versa, which Nicolaus Copernicus had to do in his time, so there is no necessity to turn to highly learned professors to answer the question of what determines a business position in the market. These are the competencies of its management team to build effective interaction between business and personnel processes.

It is also no secret that hiring, adaptation, motivation, and staff retention directly affect the company's attractiveness to new employees and the company's profit.

So, the next question I could answer right away is not a question at all but common knowledge: if you want something done well, turn to professionals. For example, to OnHires. We will not just explain to you clearly what HR consulting is but expertly solve your difficulties in the workflow.

Meanwhile, I offer you the article for consideration, where we will try together to learn about HR consulting in more detail.

The essence of HR consulting

Where to look for rare specialists? What steps to take to ensure that the beginners quickly adapt and reach the desired level of performance? What skills do the staff need to be trained? How to correctly assess the potential of the employees and candidates? Or to make the teams work more efficiently? How to retain your employees? How to get out of crises?

Many, if not all, employers are familiar with these questions. Usually, recruiters, HR specialists, and HR managers cope with them. But often, solving these and plenty of other similar issues might be problematic without outside assistance.

Thus, you can address professional HR consulting to take a fresh look at business processes and get timely and helpful advice and recommendations.

HR consulting is a set of activities aimed at researching, improving, and optimizing a company's organizational structure, developing its corporate culture, and solving problems related to human capital management.

The difference between HR audit and HR or personnel consulting


HR consulting is much more extensive than HR audit.

Personnel audit serves to check the documentation. Personnel Consulting is engaged in business processes, workflow optimization, personnel management technologies, and the labor market.

HR consultants assist employers with the following:

  • Identifying the company’s needs for new employees;
  • Assessing and selecting candidates;
  • Attesting and improving the employees’ qualifications;
  • Creating individual and group development programs;
  • Forming the personnel reserve;
  • Evaluating the performance of teams and individuals;
  • Researching and maintaining a positive socio-psychological climate in the company.

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When HR consulting may be especially useful

In some business situations, HR consulting may appear especially wanted:

  • The company is building the HR function from scratch. In such a case, it would be reasonable to address professionals to ensure everything is done correctly.
  • The enterprise wants to take into account the current market trends in the field of its professional activity. Consultants will analyze the external and internal environment and consult and train the company’s staff on how to effectively apply the trends taking into consideration the specifics of this particular business.
  • The organization is actively developing and wants to improve and automate its HR processes. Professionals will help the company build a modern HR management system and choose the HR tools ideal for this particular organization.
  • The company has already tried to optimize HR processes, but nothing has significantly changed. HR specialists will give the enterprise an expert hand so that the company can look at the situation from a different perspective and achieve the wanted result.
  • The organization has faced a complex problem and cannot solve it with its own effort. It is precisely in solving such difficult issues the consulting agency is engaged.

A few last words

Even if it seems to you that everything is fine with your business now, do not neglect the opportunity to make it better. Turn to professionals, strengthen your position in the market, and optimize your business processes in advance. And everything will be not just good, but excellent.

You will hardly try to carve a new home key with a kitchen knife if you have lost the old one. Moreover, you should seek professional advice if you have problems in your company. You will probably go to a professional locksmith, and they will make you a new key, better and more reliable than the lost key.

So, call for professionals, do not lose your chance to succeed.