July 1, 2023

HR Manager and People Manager: what’s the difference?


Nothing lasts forever but football and pyramids. However, a team of players in a modern business company constantly changes its game composition and functions in the group. Why? No mystery. Nowadays, if you want to succeed in business, you have to be able to choose the right people to cooperate with. Moreover, you have to know how to keep them in your team.

So, you are a company’s top manager, and you are aimed for profits through an engaged and highly motivated team with a steadily growing income directly related to the high productivity of your employees.

What do you need to make this dream come true?

Not that much. Good HR and people management.

What is the importance of the human resources manager?

The HR manager is the one in charge of the staff. This specialist also hires employees to the company and helps the newcomers adapt to the work conditions and team cooperation. In short, they bring new members to the team. But not only that.

I would list their responsibilities in this way:

  • monitoring the situation in the labor market. Based on its analysis, forming the optimal level of salary;
  • timely and quick hiring of new specialists to the company;
  • forming a personnel reserve;
  • making personnel changes;
  • preparing proposals for the distribution of the company’s budget for HR issues;
  • planning and resolving labor issues, drawing up and signing employment contracts, and maintaining personal files of the staff;
  • organizing positions and staff functions.

Why is it essential to have the people manager in the staff?

The people manager copes with optimization and training of the staff. They generally deal with current employees. Their main goal is to help the company’s members develop and increase their working efficiency.

Therefore, let me outline the terms of reference of this specialist like this:

  • organizing internships and professional development of employees;
  • thinking over a system of motivation for the team, monitoring and eliminating the emotional and professional burnout of the staff;
  • coordinating the work on training specialists, analyzing the effectiveness of training;
  • determining and controlling the level of knowledge of employees;
  • drawing up individual plans for the professional career of workers;
  • studying and analyzing the market of educational services.

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What is the difference between the HR manager and the people manager?

I see no reason to dispute that the fields of activity of both HR specialists are very close and often intersect and overlap with each other. Anyway, there is a difference. It lies in performing the tasks each manager has to take on.

HR management works with the recruitment process and newcomers’ adaptation. Its main objective is to find ideal team players for the company and think of ways to adapt them and keep them in the company.

People management operates with the specialists in the company. They don’t need to hunt for these specialists. They must assist the staff in becoming even better in the field and make closer relations with the team. However, they also provide HR managers with the detailed characteristics and necessary skills they have to look for in the candidates to join the company.

A few words to summarize

I conclude that both specialists are essential for any successful company that plans to succeed even more. It is vital to see the difference in their duties. When you know precisely the role of each of these professionals, it is easier to determine how each of them can contribute to the company. And it is their close cooperation that pushes the enterprise forward to higher income and other benefits.