July 2, 2023

The most demanded IoT specialists in the world and their salaries


The concept of an IT specialist is comprehensive. It includes a large number of diverse professionals who deal with computer and internet technologies in their work. Depending on their narrower specification, they can be conditionally divided into separate categories. One of these categories includes IoT developers, among the highest-paid ones in the IT field.


It is about jobs in IoT and, in particular, IoT in Europe and IoT in the USA that will be considered in the article.

What is IoT?

IoT is the so-called internet of things or, in other words, the internet of everything. Experts claim that the internet of things is a harbinger of a new industrial and technological revolution. Thanks to the internet of everything, a new category of appliances will emerge. These devices will be able to keep in contact with each other and exchange information with each other without people’s intervention or with their minimal participation. You can think of a smart home as an example of such a network of devices.

What are IoT specialist jobs?

An IoT developer works with the internet of things, developing unique programs and appliances connected to a vast network. The primary function of these devices is to collect, process, and transmit data without human participation or minimal involvement. And an IoT software developer deals with the software for these devices.


In general, IoT work is performed by three types of IoT specialists:

  1. a network specialist whose main task is to manage everything linked with connectivity;
  2. a data analyst, who is responsible for collecting data from the devices and converting it;
  3. an engineer, who is in charge of creating the platforms, software, hardware, and systems to let these appliances operate and get appropriately connected.

One essential difference between the IoT developer and the IoT engineer is that the developer’s skills mean working on cloud programming, connectivity and data management, and research tools. The IoT engineer is primarily fluent in everything, from Big Data to AI and Blockchain. Thus, the IoT engineer is more versatile.

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What skills does an IoT developer require?

A highly-experienced IoT engineer should be well-versed in the following areas:

  •  hardware and software programming;
  • electrical, system and security engineering;
  •  networking;
  • deep knowledge of U/UX, AutoCAD, Node.js, Big data, API, security infrastructure, electronics, circuits, raspberry Pi and sensors;
  • data analytics;
  • machine learning;
  • microcontroller programming;
  • mobile and GPS developing;
  • network and information security implementation.


Plus, such a specialist should possess a range of soft skills, like flexibility, the ability to learn well and quickly, teamwork, determination, and scientific curiosity.

The most demanded IoT jobs of recent years and their salaries

Having analyzed the recent years’ recruitment listings, the demand for IoT developers in the global IT market and an IoT developer's salary look as follows:

  • Software Engineer, with an average salary of $125,190 per year

The Software Engineer is a certified professional engineer with sufficient knowledge, experience, and skills to apply engineering disciplines to software programming.


  • Firmware Engineer, with an average salary of $111, 506 per year

The Firmware Engineer deals with low-level programming, making hardware work for specific user purposes, and microcontrollers.


  • System Engineer, with an average salary of $103,877 per year

The System Engineer sets up and maintains internal computer networks, office equipment, and software.


  • Software Test Engineer, with an average salary of $90,466 per year

The Software Test Engineer performs functional testing of the product.


  • IoT Engineer, with an average salary of $90,151 per year

The Iot Engineer is engaged in development in the field of internet things, ranging from hardware and network design to low-level and high-level programming languages.


  • Application Developer, with an average salary of $84,411 per year

The Application Developer is a mobile application developer creating software products for various mobile devices.



The current tendencies in recruiting IoT specialists speak for themselves. In particular, according to the OnHires experience, the demand for IT specialists in this area has been steadily growing. And there are no prerequisites for it to stop or slow down.