June 29, 2023

IT staff augmentation: the necessity, advantages and ways of the recruitment of new specialists


There are many ways to encourage employees to be more productive: pay rises, additional salary bonuses, extra days off, teambuilding, and so on. But all these and other methods do not work when your personnel are overloaded with tasks and cannot properly focus on all business processes in your company. It is at times like these that staff augmentation can help.

Let us consider the IT staff augmentation based on the experience of our company and general IT market trends.

Staff augmentation: what is it needed for?


If necessary, transferring specialists from one branch of the company to another is far from a new trend. At all times and at many enterprises, some employees go on vacation, sick leave, or maternity leave. And their positions had to be filled temporarily or permanently.


Today, the modern business usually resorts to IT team augmentation when it urgently needs to increase the staff.


Staff augmentation is temporarily attracting outside personnel to expand your company's capacity or perform the current tasks within a specific project.


This model allows companies to quickly fill gaps in their current projects with the help of skilled specialists from outside.


Various IT recruitment organizations, like OnHires, offer highly qualified employees and close positions in the shortest possible time.


These IT staff augmentation services are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons:


Lack of IT specialists in the local market

According to the CBI / TCS report, the UK alone loses £63bn, which equates to $87bn, a year because companies cannot find experts with the right IT expertise. And in the USA, according to CNBC, about 1 million high-tech jobs remain unfilled annually.


At the same time, Statista claims that recruiting IT specialists increased from 5,2% to 7,4% in 2018-2021. More and more companies are turning to IT services to increase their staff with specialists having appropriate technical expertise.


Difficulties in hiring IT specialists due to the current economic and political conditions

In 2020, the world quickly adapted to the pandemic conditions and switched to remote work. Today, we are still experiencing the hardships of the pandemic’s aftermath, where finding and hiring the right workers is often difficult. And many enterprises solve this problem by resorting to the help of an IT staff augmentation company that can find specialists for them online anywhere on the earth.

Cost reduction

Organizations can significantly reduce their costs by resorting to IT augmentation when hiring employees. They may hire specialized professionals on short notice to work on a project or its segment, saving them from the overhead costs for full-time employees associated with hiring, benefits, regular salary payments, etc.


The need to meet the temporary demand

Often companies need to meet the shortest possible time to complete the customer’s order before the deadline. And then the best way out is to augment specialists from outside.


The current project requires special knowledge

In this case, temporarily hiring a specialist with this particular knowledge is best.


Your in-house specialists are doing too many current projects at the moment

And again, a team of outside specialists comes to carry out the project you do not want to lose.


To implement an effective business strategy.

Some businesses use the staff increase to reduce the time to market their product. To quickly develop the attractive product and launch the startup, it is best to use the additional help of qualified specialists through staff augmentation.


To find the right partner for long-term projects.

Companies can use the help of external temporary employees to test several development enterprises, for example, and find a reliable partner for long-term cooperation.

Where to look for temporary employees?

There are a few ways to find temporary IT specialist:

  • On the internet. But be careful: people often present themselves on their pages in a way that is not true by appropriating qualities and skills they do not actually possess.

  • On recommendation. It is a much better way to find the right specialist. But it would help if you remembered that your demands might differ from those of the person who recommended you to the specialist.

  • Through a specialized IT recruiting agency. This is the best way to meet all your requirements quickly and with a guarantee.

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The advantages of staff augmentation


Staff augmentation can benefit your business in several ways:


  • Ensuring the ratio of price and quality of services.

Having resorted to the recruitment company, you will have the possibility to choose the best specialists for your purposes and regulate the prices.

  • Exclusion of hidden costs.

Hiring a remote team eliminates the costs connected with office rent, equipment purchase, staff training, etc.

  • Increasing the flexibility of the business.

With staff augmentation, you can quickly and easily scale your project team by adding or removing specific specialists depending on the project’s needs.

  • Productivity increase.

The developers of your project, whom you temporarily hire for the particular project, will deal exclusively with this project and will not be distracted by any additional production needs.

The summary

How to make your business more efficient and in the shortest possible time is up to you. There are many possibilities to do this.


But the experience of our company and many other successful organizations in this field suggests that staff augmentation is one of the most effective ways to increase business productivity.