July 1, 2023

Time to recruit. How to identify the company needs to hire new employees?


Just as all aged trees with mighty trunks and spreading crowns were once thin seedlings, so every large business once started with a modest start-up.


But whatever the size of the company, sooner or later, any company needs to hire new employees.


In this article, I will try to determine when it is the best time to hire new employees and answer the question: “When do companies hire employees?”

Small and mid-sized businesses

The search and hiring of new employees in a young or just emerging medium-sized business demands considerable effort. Someone lacks a budget. It is difficult for someone to delegate responsibilities.


Here are the unmistakable signs that will tell the owner of such a business that it is high time to add new members to the staff:

  • You are trying to survive, not develop your business.

Start-ups’ owners usually decide on their issues related to customer service, logistics, promotion, and taxes. Readiness for this suggests that you did not make a mistake by launching your business. However, it is worth remembering that your main task is to plan and build your company's future. And if you are mired in the monotonous routine and do not have the strength to think about development, then it is the best time to recruit new employees.

The same applies to medium-sized businesses, with a small number of staff members who at some point begin to fail to cope with their numerous and voluminous tasks, and it is time to unload them and delegate part of their duties to new workers.


  • All the time management tips and practices do not work. 

As soon as you realize that neither you nor your current employees have enough time to complete all the tasks, it is time to expand your staff.

  • Your company faces challenges that require a specific skill to be solved. 

Your employees are excellent workers but do not possess this particular skill. And for the task to be completed professionally and efficiently, there is only one way: to hire an employee who knows how to do it.


  • You will manage to describe the desired vacancy in detail, even if you are asked about it in the middle of the night. 

Be sure: it is the best time to hire such an employee.


  • You have reached the ceiling of your possibilities. 

Suppose you start losing projects that go to your competitors because your business does not have the physical capabilities and resources to complete them. It is time to refresh and expand your current staff

What difficulties may small and mid-sized businesses face when expanding the staff?

When you understand that your company wants more workers, you also need to reasonably assess the risks and difficulties you will face in connection with this. Therefore, there are two questions you should necessarily answer for yourself:

  • Will the increase in profits cover the costs?

Do not rush into the pool with your head. Evaluate again whether you need a full-fledged employee. Think about the benefits the new employee will bring to your company. Will it save you from routine tasks? How much more efficient will your business be? What profit will it bring, and will you remain in the black, covering the cost of the employee? And if the benefit is evident, then start writing the job description.


  • Are you ready for the temporary drop in profits?

When you hire a new person, the business's profitability may fall. The turnovers have not yet had time to accelerate, and the costs have already grown. Be patient, it takes time to restore the balance and see the natural increase.

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Recruitment in large-sized business

Large companies also need to hire new employees, maybe, even more than small and medium ones.


The reasons for this may be the following:

  • The rapid growth of the company.

The law of the snowball applies here: the larger the business becomes, the faster it develops. Accordingly, as it grows, such a business requires expanding the staff to perform the ever-increasing volume of tasks.

  • Regular introduction of new products or services to the production.

Large businesses constantly explore new markets, producing new products or services. And this usually requires new employees with new skills.

  • The necessity to maintain the high bar.

Large successful companies are leaders in using new technologies and developing new industries. They are usually the best in their field. They need an infusion of new talents to keep possessing the first positions in the ratings.

Some words in the end

Hiring employees is a serious and responsible step, regardless of its size. And only you, as the business owner, can decide when you need to hire a new employee. Therefore, when you need recruitment, it is essential to weigh all the pros and cons, analyze possible scenarios, and then, as a result, get quality growth, and open new horizons for your business.