August 2, 2023

Executive search


Competent leadership, the ability to put the right person in the right place and select for each employee work tasks which will not only be within their competence but will also be of interest to them, are the keys to the success of any business.

And in order for such effective management of personnel and responsibilities’ distribution to be carried out, the necessary condition is the presence of an experienced and qualified managerial link in the enterprise.

That is why you may find it unsurprising that executive search is so substantial today, and executive recruiters operate in a fiercely competitive environment during executive selection.

Let us examine carefully the nuances of tasks executive headhunters perform for executive search firms.

What ought the article’s reader to grasp by the term “executive search”?

Executive search

If not to go deep into the concept, executive recruiting firms perform a particular kind of hiring aimed at attracting highly qualified management personnel to fill strategically vital positions, including financial director, chief marketing officer, or general director.

When selecting specialists for senior careers in an organization, strategies for discovering ordinary employees are unsuitable.

Furthermore, there exist specific enterprises to detect people for leadership positions. These enterprises possess several differences from conventional hiring firms.

The main differences between recruiting firms and executive selection companies

Executive search firms

Suppose your organization wants to get the best result in the long run. In that case, you need to be clear about the differences between typical recruiting agencies and agencies also looking for highly-qualified C-levels.

Here are the distinctions you should keep in mind:

  • The level of the roles to be filled

Standard hiring enterprises, as a rule, retrieve experts of all scales. In contrast, executive search firms detect only management staff.

  • The ratio between active and passive professionals in the pool

Ordinary agencies interact more with active job seekers. So, the share of passive adepts in their funnels is not large. However, companies that specialize exclusively in finding top managers face more frequently passive applicants.

  • Terms of payment

Conventional recruiting companies operate with various payment methods for the supplied services, but, more frequently, their charterers choose to pay for the filled vacancy. In comparison, executive detection agencies are more likely to function on a retained selection basis.

  • Exclusive approach

Executive discovery enterprises serve one hiring project at a time, devoting all resources to one client’s satisfaction. Whilst common recruiting organizations discover new workers for a few charterers at a time.

  • Terms of guarantees

Standard agencies give their customers up to three months' guarantees. Whereas executive finding contractors, due to the high value and exclusivity of the service, normally provide a warranty for up to twelve months with the provision of another applicant for the role if necessary at no additional cost to the charterer.

  • Degree of confidentiality

Closing a C-level vacancy is a very delicate process. It happens that the company begins the hunt for a new worker to replace someone who is still in this role. As a rule, management selecting enterprises grant clients maximum confidentiality.

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Retained executive search features

Retained executive search

Many searching organizations having more comprehensive profiles furnish their customers with retained executive search, meaning the clients are given a subscription. Besides, retained executive search firms also afford the same accommodation. Having signed this kind of agreement with the selecting agency or one of the executive recruitment agencies, the bidder of such a service gets the opportunity to hire as many C-level specialists as they require within a particular pre-paid period. Moreover, the contractor’s retained executive recruiters will run only on that project during the predetermined period.

Concerning top executive search firms, they are committed to detecting the best of the best C-levels for their charterers in the shortest time with a reliable guarantee. And, of course, top retained executive search firms will undoubtedly grant their customers the most appealing conditions of the search subscription.

Contingent executive search peculiarities

Contingent executive search

Selecting enterprises, or notable contingency executive search firms, also supply their clients with contingent executive search. This service implies a particular sort of payment for the discovery process. The firm agrees with the charterer, according to which the customer pays for the work done by the company upon the closing of each vacancy.

In OnHires, in addition to selecting subscription or retained rummage, we also introduce a cooperation option based on the pay-per-hire model, similar to the contingent search and especially profitable when filling a burning executive vacancy.


Executive recruiting

The conclusion from all the above can be drawn as follows: the more carefully and responsibly you come to the choice of a third party to help you recruit the right professional, the better the result will be. And when looking for an expert for a managerial job, it is reasonable to contact those who specialize in providing this service.

Or, there is another good alternative: get in touch with a well-established agency, which recruits candidates of all levels, enclosing C-level staff, but does it perfectly.