Junior legal advisor

In the role of Legal Advisor, you will be offered an opportunity to grow and become an expert in privacy and data protection, as you will be employed and work as legal advisor in legal team. The team is currently based in Finland and Sweden and consists of four other legal advisors. It is one of the leading legal teams in Europe focusing on education and data protection. Company offers a flexible work environment with the possibility to work remotely or from our offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen or Tallinn. If you are nearing the end of your Masters program, we offer you the opportunity to work full time. The work may involve traveling to the legal team meetings onsite, and the working language will primarily be English and your local language.


About company

Our client is a data protection service for education.

They perform a tool for all education providers, from early childhood education to higher education, whose aim is to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and maintain a secure learning environment.


We are seeking someone who is a recent graduate in law or nearing the end of their legal studies. We prefer candidates who have a genuine interest in data protection and privacy legislation and who are fluent in English. It is advantageous if you have written or are writing your thesis on privacy and data protection. We appreciate individuals who are confident in their ability to collaborate and communicate while also being proactive and comfortable working independently. To thrive in this role, problem-solving skills and an eye for documentation are also desirable.


As a Legal Advisor, you will work strategically and operationally to drive, maintain, and develop working methods for management of education and data protection issues. You will work based on current and upcoming requirements according to regulations and structures, as well as the needs of the markets in which we operate. The daily work will also involve:

  • Assessing digital platforms used in the National (DK/NO/EE) education sector and ensuring compliance with relevant national and international legislation, primarily the EU's GDPR and national education laws.
  • Preparing data protection-related materials such as documentation, background materials, and reports.
  • Conducting research and seeking background information on privacy and data protection issues.
  • Monitoring and analyzing privacy-related national and international regulatory and legislative activities.
  • Drafting relevant blog posts and other informative materials.
  • Providing advice on risk assessments, GDPR, and DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment).

Perks & Benefits

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