Junior Full Stack Developer

As a Junior Full Stack Developer, you'll play a vital role in expanding our product which is extremely important for us as a company. In this role, you will be responsible for working with designers and backend engineers, and implement the user experience of our product. Your work will have a direct impact on the quality of our product, which is extremely important for us as a company.


About company

Join our growth journey at ABsmartly, an innovative experimentation platform founded by former engineers from and As a self-funded start-up, we're expanding our development team and seeking talented individuals like you to join us.

At ABsmartly, we've developed a groundbreaking platform that allows businesses to optimize their digital presence without compromising technical performance or losing control of their data. Our solution enables seamless testing and optimization across websites, mobile apps, connected devices, email campaigns, and more.What sets us apart is our commitment to deep exploration of the technology stack while fostering broad experimentation across the entire customer experience. With our user-friendly interface, rapid deployment capabilities, and advanced interaction detection, managing hundreds to thousands of experiments becomes effortless.


  • Degree in information systems or equivalent knowledge/experience
  • Entry level knowledge of Javascript and CSS
  • Entry level knowledge of SQL
  • Entry level knowledge of accessing RESTFUL API's
  • Good level of English - minimum B2 (mandatory);
  • Ability to keep up with a demanding and fast-paced environment
  • A thirst to learn and evolve
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Huge ambition to make an impact in this world.


  • Creating and maintaining the user interface of our platform
  • Writing well designed, efficient, and clean code
  • Integrate data from databases and other services
  • Interacting with/developing APIs and RESTful services
  • Helping to migrate our Vue code to React
  • Keeping up with technological advances to optimize the company's software
  • Be involved in the analysis and planning of product specifications
  • Creating and maintaining unit tests

Perks & Benefits

  • The start up experience
  • Very competitive compensation
  • Fully remote position
  • 30 days of paid yearly vacation
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