Account Manager

We are looking for a candidate with excellent soft communication skills, experience in client service, a passion for blockchain/IT, and the ability to handle challenges are crucial.
If you excel in fostering client relationships, streamlining negotiations, and proactively addressing client needs, join us in this exciting role.


About company

The company is a liquidity and technology provider of solutions for the crypto and foreign exchange (FX) industry. It specializes in B2B services and products, catering to a wide range of clients including large licensed brokers, crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, forex brokers, hedge and crypto funds, and professional managers. The product is an advanced base of ready-to-use technical solutions that enable brokers to save time and money on consuming infrastructure projects and focus on enlarging their client base and increasing their revenues.


  • English С1 + any of Arabic / Hindi / Spanish / Chinese / Thai / Japanese / Italian / Portuguese / Malay / Indonesian / Turkish / Farsi and others. 
  • Communication skills (soft)
  • Experience in servicing clients / working with people
  • Ability to handle challenges in a preferable way
  • Interest in blockchain and IT


  • Build and nurture strong relationships across teams and with staff/clients, fostering a collaborative environment and open lines of communication.

  • Proactively support and maintain existing clients, ensuring high client satisfaction and loyalty through exceptional communication skills and personalized attention.

  • Streamline negotiation processes for projects, payment terms, and contract conditions, optimizing efficiency and maintaining accurate tracking of all agreements.

  • Demonstrate resourcefulness and autonomy in problem-solving by leveraging existing knowledge base and system access, minimizing dependency on external support.

  • Coordinate the resolution of system and application issues promptly and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption to client operations.

  • Manage and uphold the troubleshooting escalation process, promptly identifying when a problem surpasses current capabilities and initiating escalation for further resolution.

  • Conduct comprehensive training sessions for clients, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize their usage of our products.

  • Proactively keeping clients informed about product updates, maintenance schedules, and relevant information to foster transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • Facilitate effective communication with Legal, Finance, and Business Development (BDM) departments, collaborating seamlessly to address client needs and resolve any issues.

  • Prepare monthly client reports and provide weekly status updates, summarizing key metrics, progress, and any notable achievements or challenges.

Perks & Benefits

  • Official employment, guaranteed bonuses (13th salary for those who have worked more than a year).
  • Gaining valuable experience in a team of professionals in a company that leads the industry. The ability to grow both within the department and horizontally in other areas.
  • Corporate parties – events to socialize with our dynamic multicultural team.
  • Providing technical equipment.
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