The guide to the recruiting in Web3

Learn more about the features of effective recruiting in the Web3 field
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You will learn the following:

  • about the Web3 industry;
  • about Web3 developers, their top categories and critical skills;
  • about the specifics of recruiting in Web3 and its challenges
  • about the key strategies to attract top talent in the Web3 field.

Why should you take our tips into account?

There are several crucial reasons:

  • OnHires is a global tech recruitment & staffing company that helps businesses scale by finding and hiring talents. We specialize in the Web3 industry. 
  • We grow fast: more than 650+ people hired by us work in companies like Google, Revolut, Bitmedia, Binance, IBM, Duolingo, and Hacken.
  • We constantly demonstrate high client satisfaction: our NPS score is 10 out of 10, according to our clients’ reviews analysis (Clutch).

Why this Recruitment Guide is actual and helpful?

Web3 technologies are gaining more and more interest among programmers these days. Web3 in Europe and Web3 in the USA are nowadays particularly interesting to employers and job seekers. The latter are naturally attracted by the rapidly rising salaries in this IT field. This can be judged by the growing demand for recruiting Web3 specialists.

A change of trends in recruiting is an unmistakable indicator of demand for specialists in any sphere, though. And today, the tendency is to hire Web3 developers.

And if you are considering hiring Web3 specialists to boost your business, this guide will be informative and valuable for you.

You can get even more helpful information in our blog, where we have carefully collected and regularly updated materials intended for everyone interested in the specifics of recruiting in the field of Web3.

In addition, you always have the opportunity to contact representatives of our company and get detailed advice on any issue that interests you.