The guide to deep understanding IT outstaffing and its variations

Learn more about outstaffing practices to implement them successfully into your business processes
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You will learn the following:

  • about outsourcing and outstaffing, their differences and similarities 
  • about staff augmentation, its types, and benefits
  • about dedicated IT teams
  • about R&D centers
  • about Technical support centers
  • about QA teams
  • about IT outstaffing pricing models

How this Outstaffing Guide can help your business?

Specializing in one or a few business areas, you do not need to specialize in all business areas. Just as you do not need to focus on secondary tasks, breaking away from the main ones and wasting valuable resources, time and effort. You can efficiently come to a balance by outsourcing such tasks.

And if you are considering implementing outstaffing into your operation, this guide will be informative and valuable for you. Our Guide has been carefully crafted by our team of professionals and it covers a wide range of topics. You will find some pieces of simple and practical advice to help you rationalize and boost your business.

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