How to organize successful recruitment process

Unique guide which helps to build the effective recruiting strategy, improve the quality and speed of your hiring and develop your employer brand.
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a strong understanding of all stages of the recruitment process,the up-to-date information and valuable knowledge how to organize recruiting correctly

You will learn the following

  • about the stages of the recruitment process;
  • about the differences between recruiting and sourcing;
  • about useful recruitment tools;
  • about recruitment metrics;
  • how to make talent pools and use ATS in your work;
  • how to create a job description and a candidate profile;
  • how to run a successful interview with a candidate;
  • how to make a job offer, and how to reject the candidate;
  • about TOP hiring strategies and effective sourcing strategies;
  • about TOP tools for building HR and recruitment processes;
  • about different recruitment metrics.

Why this guide is actual?

Are you aware of the current recruiting trends? Are your company’s strategies in line with the global trends in this area? Do you know where candidates look for job postings? Can you hire professionals with precisely the qualifications and skills you need?

This guide will be informative and valuable for your business if you are thinking about the answers to these and similar questions.