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OnHires is a top-rated and one of the most reviewed recruitment firm globally that provides recruitment services, outstaffing services and HR consulting

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Key features:


Average time to close a vacancy is 16 days.

Besides, we send CVs of the first candidates in 3-5 days.

Cost reduction

Our services are up to 90% cheaper than organizing in-house department at company.

In addition, companies lose, on average $14900 on every bad hire, but we SAVE money.

Talent acquisition

We have a huge expertise, an impressive database (130K+).

Own efficient recruiting methodology, up-to-date software, and can close any vacancy from tech to executives specialists.

Key features:

companies have improved their hiring processes and increased the profit
of recruitment costs we save on average for our clients
our candidates work for the world top companies
of the specialists selected by us confidently pass the probationary period




HR Consulting

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