July 1, 2023

Why recruiting and HR audit are important for business growth and success


It is well known that business does not tolerate mistakes. On the other hand, who can say there are no mistakes in their business?


I guess there are very few, if any, of such people. It is because we learn from mistakes. And it is precisely to identify, evaluate and minimize these mistakes that HR and recruiting audit is needed.

What is recruiting and HR audit?


The HR audit is not a way to disgrace yourself by revealing the inefficiency of the company’s HR strategy but an effective tool for objectively assessing the organization’s human resources potential. And it is a standard practice in today’s enterprises, regardless of their size.


The recruitment audit deals with the organization’s recruiting strategy. It goes about the ways and methods of auditing recruiting process.


Thus, as a tool of efficiency, recruiting and HR audit examine the processes in the field of personnel management. These studies cover the verification of regulatory documents and all questions concerning how personnel management processes are implemented and what should be paid attention to.


The primary purpose of the HR audit is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the HR department. Besides, it helps to determine where improvements are needed and how to achieve them in the shortest time and with the maximum result.


The main purpose of recruitment audit is an effective recruitment process. A recruiting agency is engaged in building it for itself and its customers. In addition to helping its clients build a productive recruiting process, such an agency, like OnHires, provides various recruiting services, recruiting consultation including free recruiting consultation within a specific project and auditing recruiting process.

What is analyzed in the process of recruiting and HR audit?

The recruiting and HR audit is carried out to give the most objective and complete HR and recruiting department evaluation, a thorough review of the personnel, the company’s budget, and the extent to which the expected results correspond to reality.


The following parameters can be analyzed during the audit process:


  • The process of finding employees or the recruitment process.
  • The ways of training employees and this process’s cost.
  • The ways to reduce or increase the cost of employees’ training.
  • The forms of staff’s motivation.
  • The personnel production processes.
  • The effectiveness of the recruitment process and recruitment consultation.

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The HR and recruiting audit goals

There may be several goals of audit, they may vary, but all the goals must be clearly defined:


  • Determine if the established company rules and policies are in practice.
  • To research the conditions and quality of the HR department and the recruiting team and identify how best to meet the needs of the departments and employees.
  • Streamline and optimize the workflows.
  • Create an early warning system to identify problems before they become a crisis.
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of improvements to realize whether the business processes have become better or worse due to already made changes.
  • Build recruiting and personnel processes following the latest global IT recruitment and HR trends.

The HR and recruiting audit expected results


The audit results directly depend on your goals. Accordingly, depending on the objectives, the process and methodology for performing the audit will differ.


With the qualitative performance of the audit and the effective elimination of the identified as a result of its conduct problems, you can achieve, for instance, these results:


  • Improvement of the recruitment procedure system.
  • Reduction in staff turnover.
  • Decrease in job dissatisfaction.
  • Continuous training and effective employees’ motivation.
  • Improving the average staff quality.
  • Increase in sales of recruitment services and other products as a result of the staff relations improvement.

A few final words

In general, your audit results can and will vary depending on your aims. Therefore, before you begin this procedure, I would advise you to clearly define what you need it for.


And, of course, the recruiting audit is of particular importance now because everything begins with people, as we have already determined.


Therefore, the quality and productivity of your company’s functioning will always depend on the quality and productivity of your recruiting team.