February 22, 2023

TOP tools for building HR and business processes


Today’s realities are such that most business relationships occur online these days.

The pandemic in recent years has also contributed to the rapid transformation of the format of modern business relations from traditional face-to-face meetings to advanced online video calls.

Due to the changing business environment, modern companies operating in various fields have to adapt to new ways of work collaboration.

Therefore, the faster and more successfully a company integrates into the new online conditions, the more efficiently it will work, the sooner it will outperform competitors and earn more profit.

To this end, it is necessary to be aware of which tools for business are the best to use and be able to handle them productively.

You can find a list of effective apps for business below in the article.

Tools for project management, setting tasks, notes


With the help of Notion, you can easily connect all your projects and all the essential documents in one place online.

Notion is easy and convenient to use. You also can be confident that your daily work, presentations, notes, tables, and process reports will be arranged by this tool side by side so that you will never lose the context.

You can set tasks for your team members and watch their progress.

Besides, you can provide your team members with access to these materials.


If you choose Trello to work with, it will provide you with a comfortable Trello board to place tasks for the staff, lists, cards, and graphs.

This business tool will help you manage even the most complicated projects fast and efficiently.

Trello allows you to conduct online meetings and events and, on the whole, establish and customize your workflows with minimum effort.

The highlight of this tool is Butler, the built-in automation system which reduces the number of monotonous tasks and clicks on the current project board.

Collaborative teamwork platforms


Miro is a helpful tool that will supply you with multiple opportunities to lead real-time cooperation and work asynchronously with your team with a Miro online whiteboard.

A practical benefit of using this tool is that Miro will offer you a large selection of marketing and business model templates, online boards, and instruments to visualize diagrams, tables, and processes that you can apply to your work.

Miro will give you access to its big range of online boards, templates and tools.


It is a graphic online design editor. With the help of Figma, you can create prototypes and creative images for posts, logos, banners, presentations, diagrams, and sites.

Figma lets you collaborate on its platform with other team members at the same. Any of them can add their comments, corrections, or notes.

Guides and eBooks at their best

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CRM systems


This tool is a great cloud-based solution for automating sales and marketing departments. Using Zoho CRM, companies can conduct transactions with clients and counterparties, convert leads and receive detailed sales reports.

This system helps increase sales, automate business processes, and store customer and transaction data. It also helps to make effective decisions based on data analysis.

Zoho is suitable for use by both large and small companies.

With Zoho, you can set up rules for processing data, creating tasks, and notifying clients. Managers and employees can also set up automatic reports that will be generated at the close of transactions or the end of a working day.

This system will easily save employees from the routine.


This system will help you make a visual representation of the sales process. Pipedrive allows you to name the process stages in your way or choose an appropriate template.

As soon as the pipeline stages are ready, you can schedule your activities like calls, work meetings, emails, etc. Pipedrive will always remind you what the next to do is.

Pipedrive serves not only as an online schedule book, but it also monitors your activities and calculates your average conversion rate. Therefore, thanks to the real-time Pipedrive’s reports, you always know how many new activities you must perform and how many leads you have to get.


HubSpot CRM can track your customer interaction automatically. It tracks emails, calls, and social media networking sites.

Besides, the system is simple to sign up and use.

Project planning software


It is an online project management and collaboration service with support for discussions, tasks, calendars, time tracking, notes, etc.

This tool will collect all your projects in one place and let you and your team members work on them together in real-time.

ProofHub will also provide a range of opportunities for your team collaboration. With the assistance of ProofHub, you can view and create tables and Gantt charts, work on Kanban boards, set tasks and monitor their performance, and control custom workflows and custom roles.

Sourcing instruments

Amazing Hiring

This online sourcing platform is one of the practical HR tools.

This platform lets recruiters obtain instant access to lots of LinkedIn profiles from all over the world.

It can also automatically supply them with a pipeline list of the adequate candidates according to the provided parameters.

In addition, with Amazing Hiring, recruiters can send personalized emails, schedule their following-ups and track the engagement metrics.

Google business tools

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a large set of cloud services provided by the Google company for other companies, enterprises, and individuals.

This convenient service supports several web apps with functionality similar to traditional office sets and includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Disc, and Google Meet.

With the help of Google Workplace, you can set and conduct online meetings, make, correct, and share online documents and presentations, schedule your work activities, and store information.

Online Calendars

Online calendars help you synchronize your work duties and personal arrangements. You can share a link to the calendar with another person, and they will see when you are free to book this time for a meeting.

There are a few convenient online calendars that will help you be always on time with your tasks and work activities:



Google Calendar.

Meeting apps

To create an online meeting, you can use one of these apps:


Google Meet;


Online mailing


It is an online sales engagement platform for Gmail. Mixmax is integrated with Gmail so that you can send your emails directly from your mailbox.


This comfortable tool will help you personalize cold emails with bright images and videos. It also automates follow-ups.

The significant advantage of Lemlist is that it is characterized by the highest email deliverability and the lowest rates of mailings that fall into spam.


Reply holds one of the most straightforward interfaces, so it will not cause you any difficulty to use. Besides, the highlight of Reply is that it has powerful customer support. They are always there for you.

Reply also provides you with email ratings that determine the degree of the recipient's probability of reading the letter.


Nowadays, numerous easy-to-use and reliable tools can help you make your business more effective and your workflows more accessible and productive. This article presents some of them that OnHires successfully uses in its work and recommends to others.