May 25, 2023

How to choose the right recruitment agency?


Choosing the right recruitment agency is equally important for both the job seeker and the potential employer. Therefore, companies that favor delegating the process of searching and selecting candidates to an independent recruiting agency pay special attention to its recruiters’ experience, qualifications, skills, and reputation. These same factors play a decisive role for applicants.

Let us add more details to support the arguments for utilizing recruitment services and discover more factors determining the right agency choice.

Why is it reasonable to address the services of a recruiting agency?

Recruitment agency

Whether it is reasonable to use the forces of in-house recruiting and involve the company’s recruiters in the search and hiring of candidates is a burning issue that many employers get stuck on.

Based on the OnHires experience, we can highlight several weighty arguments in favor of the fact that it is not only advisable to use the help of a qualified recruiter provided by a recruitment agency, but it is also cost-effective:

  • This step will save your employees’ productive time.

According to the SHRM’s research, it takes 42 days to fill one vacancy on average. Meanwhile, cooperation with a recruiting agency will allow your company to reduce this time by at least two-thirds.

  • It will improve the recruitment quality.

Recruiting agencies tend to specialize in certain areas of business and, due to this, possess solid bases of candidates in these areas, which will let your company hire the candidates that best meet your requirements and expectations.

  • Cooperation with a recruiting agency will supply you with guarantees for replacing the employees who have not passed the probationary period in the shortest time.

How to choose the perfect recruiting agency for you? 

Recruiting agency

All companies are different. When recruiting new staff, they pursue different goals. In order not to make a mistake, make the right choice and work with a recruitment agency that perfectly matches your demands, we recommend adhering to a particular strategy in choosing an agency, for example, the following:

  1. Be as clear as possible about your demands for this recruitment project and choose the right type of agency.

Determine exactly how many new employees you need to hire and for what positions. This will help you identify which recruitment model will be most beneficial for you to cooperate on its basis with the outstaffing agency. Plus, it will turn your attention to those agencies that specialize in applying this model and help you narrow down the range of agencies to choose from.

  1. Take enough time to find out the reputation of the agency.

Study its clients’ reviews, official website, and blog, and their professionalism. Do not forget to examine its activity in social networks, employer’s brand, and performance indicators. This step will give you more guarantees for a successful choice.

  1. Get an as accurate idea about the working methods and professional level of the agency you have chosen as possible.

For this, select a few of the best agencies from among those that you have already studied. Conduct preliminary meetings with their representatives, evaluate the quality and the range of services they offer, and compare their prices with the average market prices.

  1. Confirm your impression from the first meeting.

Arrange an additional meeting with the agency's representatives that ultimately made the most favorable impression on you. Make sure your first impression has stayed the same. Discuss your final decision with your company’s management and offer cooperation to the chosen agency.

If you go through these simple steps to choose the perfect agency, you will get a high probability that you have made the right choice.

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If your company is prospering and has all the prerequisites for further expansion and improvement, this indicates that you are a professional in your field of business. And for a professional, there is no need to explain that there are aspects of the business in which it would be more cost-efficient to turn to outside specialists for help than to try to cope on your own. Hiring new workers for your company is just such an aspect.

Thus, if you do everything right when choosing a recruiting agency, you are guaranteed stable prosperity strengthening your business.