Quant Traders

Traders monitor markets in real time, improve trading algorithms, and dig into data to create better models. We’re looking for candidates with a strong quantitative background with experience building and deploying autonomous trading strategies.

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About company

Our client is investment company, which drives returns by looking at information in new ways, they know markets are not efficient and their passion is finding value quantitatively. Their team has decades of quantitative trading experience. Company’s edge is built on taking a robust, scientific approach to directional investing. Their trading strategies trim left tail risk events and capture statistically significant alpha.


  • 2+ years of experience building quantitative trading models;
  • Track record of profitability (could be realistic backtest, algorithmic or manual live-trading track record);
  • Expert in Python;
  • Quantitative, scientific approach and attention to detail;
  • Expertise in finding, integrating, optimizing, and analyzing new datasets;
  • Creativity in coming up with new trading ideas and approaches;
  • Great communication skills, both written and verbally;
  • Highly valued: experience in Bitcoin, crypto markets, and/or equities markets;
  • Highly valued: mathematical or science background.


  • Develop trading strategies that outperform Bitcoin;
  • Identify valuable and predictive data sources;
  • Build unique indicators, metrics, and models to drive investment decisions and signals;
  • Conduct comprehensive backtesting & thesis validation;
  • Production trading strategies deployed on live capital;
  • Optimizing trading strategies;
  • Generating new alpha signals for trading strategies.

Perks & Benefits

There’s plenty of opportunity to grow, take on more and move around the business based on your skillset and interest. The only necessary ingredient is passion for investing and outperformance. If you have this, and are ready to dive-in, the opportunities are endless.

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